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Diversity Month 2012

Title: Is it worse to be young now than in the swinging 60s? by Mel Bartley, Director of UCL's International Centre For Lifecourse Studies and Lidia Panico, UCL Research Student

Type of event: lunchtime lecture showcasing UCL research

This presentation will talk about the experiences of 7 year olds in 1964 and 2007. Because in the UK we have a series of national birth cohorts, it is possible to compare the whole of the life course (now up to age 40) across changing historical time. Participants in the Millenium cohort, born in 1958, were last studied at age 7. An earlier cohort, born in 1958, were similarly studied when they were 7 years old in 1964. What kind of differences can we see by comparing children across this long period of social and economic change? We will look in particular at living standards, family stability, and health.

This event is open to all UCL staff, students and to the general public.

Date, Time and Venue:
Monday 27 February, 1-2pm, Cruciform Building, Lecture Theatre 2, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT.
A map can be found here.

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Sonal Bharadva

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