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LGBT Buddying Scheme


The aim of the Buddying Scheme is to provide LGBT staff at UCL with support in their continued professional and academic development. The scheme is open to all LGBT staff at UCL - new 'out' members of staff joining UCL and also to those who seek to participate having been in role at UCL for some time.

Through the LGBT Buddying Scheme Coordinator, the scheme will establish and maintain a list of those members of staff who are willing to provide buddying support and a list of those members of staff who would like to receive support. The Scheme Coordinator will match those seeking support with those willing to provide support and make an initial introduction.

The scheme will match those willing to provide buddying support with those seeking support, with the aim of experienced members of staff sharing their experience, knowledge, sources of information and contacts with others. The intention is to build LGBT staff confidence and expertise. Buddies will also introduce participants to the range of knowledge sharing and networking opportunities that are available to LGBT staff and to direct them to other relevant sources of information and support. The supporters will facilitate introductions and identify useful contacts.

The arrangement is not designed to be a fully fledged mentoring scheme and the focus is on support, information and networking rather than on some of the more reflective and developmental elements associated with mentoring.


•  Supporters will be members of staff at UCL. A buddying supporter must be prepared to give sufficient time and commitment to the new participant in the scheme in both the induction process and, if both participants feel it would be useful and appropriate, in any continuing advisory role.

•  There will be a Scheme Co-ordinator, Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion within HR Policy and Planning will act in the role.

•  UCL staff who are willing to become a buddying supporter, and who feel that they are sufficiently experienced to do so, will provide a short personal and professional profile in a standard format to the Scheme Co-ordinator. The profile will include a list of principal areas of responsibility, specific expertise, connections to other groups and areas of interest.

•  Supporters can request that their name be removed from the list of potential supporters at any time.

•  This Buddying Scheme is not a formal mentoring scheme.

•  The scheme will be open to all new members of staff joining UCL and details will be included in the UCL induction pack. The scheme will also be open to those members of staff who seek to participate having been in role at UCL for some time. New participants will be matched with a member of staff from the list of available supporters. The matching process might be based on considerations of location, job match, interests etc. The Scheme Coordinator will notify the supporter and the new participant that they have been matched as participants in the Buddying Scheme so that they can make an initial introduction with one another.

•  A half day training for supporters will be organised before the meetings take place to give guidance on how the buddying process can work

•  There is no prescription of the way the link, once established, will operate. It is for the participants, the supporter and the new participant to establish how they wish the buddying support to be provided.

•  It is expected that the support relationship within the Buddying Scheme will normally last for approximately one year and should be reviewed at the end of that time by the new participant and their supporter. The participants may continue the link for as long as they both wish.


The Scheme Co-ordinator will lead a review of the operation of the scheme on an annual basis on the basis of feedback from participants [supporters and new participants] to confirm the continuing value of the scheme and to make recommendations for improvements where necessary.


Sarah Guise, Head of Equalities & Diversity

Tel: 020 3108 3989



Last updated: 05th September 2016