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LGBT History Month - February 2010

Lunchtime Lecture: 'Queer Cinema,' by James Agar

This talk will provide an illustrated overview of aspects of what is now called 'queer cinema'. Developing out of, and against, the 'positive images' trend of representing alternative forms of sexual desire, the 'new queer cinema' of the early 1990s was both a polemical response to the AIDS crisis and a developing new aesthetic of aggressively self-aware queer image making. In the early 90s the term referred specifically to certain films and filmmakers, largely within the North American context of independent, art-house cinema. Along with the contemporaneous development of queer theory and politics, the notion of (a) queer cinema has become more widely used, suggesting a body of work which has become more international in both focus and appeal. However, some spaces and times seem queerer than others and the talk will also address what happens when the queer emerges in cultures which differ from the context out of which queer cinema developed. The talk will be illustrated with film clips from, amongst others, the work of Derek Jarman, Gregg Araki, François Ozon and Gaël Morel.

This event is open to all UCL staff and students and to the general public.

Date, Time and Venue:
Friday 12th February, 1-2pm, Wilkins Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre
A map can be found here.

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