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Successful Athena SWAN applications

University award:

Bronze award 2006, renewed 2009, renewed 2012

Departments in UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences:

Division of Psychology and Language Sciences: Silver award 2009, renewed 2013

Mental Health Sciences Unit: Silver award 2013

Institute of Neurology: Bronze award 2013

Institute of Ophthalmology: Silver award 2013

MRC Lab for Molecular Cell Biology: Silver award 2009, renewed 2012

Institute for Women's Health: Silver award 2013

Division of Medicine: Silver award 2013

Departments in UCL School of Sciences:

Biochemical Engineering: Silver award 2011

Chemical Engineering: Silver award 2009

Medical Physics and Bioengineering: Bronze award 2012

Civil, Environment and Geomatic Engineering: Silver award 2009

Physics and Astronomy: Juno practitioner award, 2010



Last updated: 05th February 2014