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Women in Leadership and Management

In the summer of 2009, the UCL President and Provost, Professor Malcolm Grant, asked Professor Jan Atkinson, Head of the Developmental Science Research Department within Life Sciences and UCL Coordinator for Athena SWAN, to lead a 12 month 'Women into Leadership and Management' project, to tackle the under-representation of women in management and leadership roles within UCL. (UCL's gender target is to increase the representaion of women senior administrative managers in grades 9 & 10 by 2% per annum with the ultimate aim of a 50:50 split of men and women at this level.)

The core aims of the initiative were as follows:

Consultation across UCL was undertaken to gather experiences and perceptions and to understand the key issues affecting women in the University. Jan aimed to talk to Faculty Deans and their Senior Management Teams, to women in senior academic management positions, to researchers whose work relates to gender in the workplace and to lay members of Council who were themselves distinguished women who could add insights.

Areas of potential focus were:

  1. Creation and leadership of a group which is actively interested in improving the number of women at senior levels within UCL and whose members are prepared to contribute to this project. To consider developing champions in each faculty to lead the examination of women's issues locally.
  2. Review the work in the departments/divisions which were successful in their SWAN Silver Award applications ? to identify the lessons learnt and create of a ?buddy' system to support new applicants
  3. Identify any barriers in UCL's recruitment, promotion or work-life balance arrangements that may militate against women progressing their careers or lead to bias in decision making.
  4. Link with the work of the Research Staff Sub-Committee of the Academic Appointment and Promotion Committee on the career progression of women researchers
  5. Learn from best practice in other universities, especially amongst the Russell Group

Output/Final Report
The project has culminated in a report summarising the work undertaken under each of the headings above, outcomes and achievements and any recommendations for further action.

The final report can be downloaded here.

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Last updated: 12th October 2016