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Dyslexia/ Dyspraxia/ Learning disabilities guidance

A manager of a staff member who is advised of a possible learning disability (which is impacting on their ability to undertake their contracted role at UCL), should, in the first instance, read the information on the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion disability webpage which has links to initial sources of support:

Disability guidance for managers

An employee should, in the first instance, advise their manager if they feel they have (or have been diagnosed with) a learning disability. The types of issues they are having in their role should be discussed, confidentially, with the manager. Both employee and manager may then wish to refer to list of adjustments and anything identified as useful that can be accommodated should be tried.

Learning disabilities: Adjustments to consider

If further advice is required, then a manager should complete a Management Referral form to the Occupational Health Service (OHS). A self-referral would not usually be recommended as this does not enable to OHS to create a report to advise the manager and the employee.

If adjustments are suggested within the OH report, it is for the manager to decide if these are reasonable. The manager should discuss with the employee the advice from OH upon receipt of the report.

It is expected that costs below £200 will be met from local budgets. Managers should contact the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Team to discuss any costs above £200 they have in supporting an employee. If the adjustments are in excess of £1000 then the employee will need to contact Access to Work . In addition, i t is advisable for the disabled staff member to contact Access to Work for expert advice on their condition and the different adjustments that can be made.

IT support can also be obtain from the Disability IT Support Analyst , including advice on software packages available to support individuals with learning disabilities, including dyslexia.



Last updated: 05th September 2016