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UCL is positive about disabled people and is committed to promoting disability equality.

For information, advice and support for disabled students contact UCL's Student Disability Services.

To find out more about the legal definition of disability and reasonable adjustments click here. Supporting disabled people in the workplace: guidance for managers

Dyslexia/dyspraxia/learning disability guidance

Learning disabilities - adjustments for managers to consider

Access to Work is a programme run by the Department of Work and Pensions and provides support to disabled people to help overcome work related obstacles. Find out more here. UCL is committed to improving access to UCL's estates and an access audit of its 350 building has been completed. Click here for further information.
UCL Equality Networks
Refer to Guidance for Managers section above.

'On-offer' Occupational Health Referrals of Disabled Candidates Post Interview

Click here to find out more about Equal opportunity monitoring forms and disclosure at UCL.

Our Disability Equality Champion is: Mr. Rex Knight, UCL Vice Provost (Operations). Read more...

Click here to find out more about who can help, at UCL.

Department for work and pensions Employer Portal

Medical (including mental health) Emergencies

Accessibility and Disability IT Support

Staff Disability Forum

UCL's Parents And Carers Together (PACT) Network



Last updated: 26th June 2015