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UCL is aware of the stigma attached to disability and the negative perceptions from others that many disabled people face. We want to challenge these but need your help to do so. We hope to assure you of a positive and supportive response to disclosure.

UCL believes that it is primarily the attitudes, behaviour and environmental barriers that disabled people face, which can disadvantage, exclude and marginalise them in society rather than any particular condition. We hope you can feel confident disclosing your disability, impairment, or medical condition to us, so we can review in consultation with you any reasonable adjustments we need to make to the interview process, job or working environment.

Some disabled people may feel this information is private and not work related. Even where you may feel your disability does not impact on your work, we would encourage you to let us know on the equal opportunities classification form, so we know how many disabled people work at UCL and are applying for jobs with us. We review our recruitment figures and staff profile each year, to check disabled people are an increasingly significant part of our diverse workforce, that our employment policies and procedures do not impact differentially on disabled people and are having a positive effect in making UCL a better place for disabled people to work.

If you are not sure if you have given UCL this information, please fill in the enclosed form, which should be emailed to equalities(AT)

Where you have disclosed a disability that may require adjustments to your work or working environment, Occupational Health will be in touch to assess your requirements with you. Where you consider yourself to have a disability but do not require adjustments at present, this information will be stored confidentially and will only be used for annual monitoring purposes. No individual can be identified from this data.

If you have any questions or concerns about this issue, or if you feel UCL has not responded positively to your disclosure, then please let UCL's Head of Equalities & Diversity know immediately (All information will be treated with strictest confidence and wont be divulged to a third party without your permission.)



Last updated: 12th October 2016