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Access to UCL Buildings

UCL is committed to improving access to UCL's estates and an access audit of its 350 buildings was completed in July 2006. The audit will determine priority areas for further access works.

Improvements to access works has been an ongoing process and a number of alteration works including ramps, refurbishment of lifts, new signage, sanitary accommodation and improvements to building entrances have been underway for the last three years.

Information on the accessibility of teaching and centrally bookable spaces is held on the estates and facilities website which has a database of bookable spaces including a list of rooms with induction loops, personal listeners and wheelchair access.

UCL has agreed it will incorporate increased awareness of DDA compliance and good practice into the design specification of all refurbished and new build and make this integral to the final inspections.

A small budget exists in Estates and Facilities for small ad hoc accessibility improvements and maintenance requests. If you are making a maintenance request relating to a disabled colleague's access to the workplace or their ability to carry out their work, please ensure that the request is flagged as a high priority, for that reason. This applies equally to maintenance requests that arise from the needs of disabled students.

You can make a maintenance request by filling in The Estates and Facilities Service Request form (which can be found at and highlight the reason for the request in the Request Title and/or in the Description box on that form. Only the fact that the request relates to disabled access is required, not confidential information about the individual concerned.

The Estates and Facilities Division has advised that when this information is provided, requests will be treated as a priority in line with UCL's commitment to equality of opportunity and progress on the request will be provided to the person who generated it.


UCL has a route finder service which shows accessible routes around the UCL campus:

The named lead on disability issues is Andrew Grainger, Director of Estates and Facilities. Contact details: Tel: 7679 1212.



Last updated: 06th July 2015