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UCL's Equality Networks

There are a number of different equality networks at UCL. The DEOLO network is a network of departmental equal opportunity liason officers that mainly act as a source of advice to staff and students. The DAW network is a network of dignity at work advisors that all staff can access. All of the other networks are social networks open to all staff to join. Click on the links below to find out more about each network.


To find out more about the role of Departmental Equal Opportunity Liaison Officers (DEOLOs) click here.

You can contact DEOLOs for both staff and student issues.

Dignity at Work Advisors

UCL's Dignity at Work policy and support provision is one of the most comprehensive in the sector. For many years UCL has developed a strong network of trained anti-harassment advisers and there is robust policy in place to ensure that harassment and bullying are not tolerated in the workplace or in study. Click here to find out more.


Enable@UCL is a staff network open to any staff at UCL with disabilities and those with an interest in Disability Equality at UCL. It enables disabled staff to get to know each other, make professional alliances, offer peer support, share information and join in social events. Its founding members recognised that in an organisation as big as UCL, it can be difficult to get to know people in other departments, particularly other disabled people.

Click here to view the leaflet with more information on the network.

To join the network visit:


RaceMatters@UCL is a forum for networking, peer support, sharing ideas and articles of interest, forging scholarly connections and collaborations, organising formal and social events, and positively influencing policy and practice on ‘race’ equality at UCL. The group networks through academic and social events. There is also an email group for group members to communicate virtually and share information about BME-related publications, events and news stories.

Click here to join the network. 


Out@UCL is a staff social network and is a way for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) staff at UCL to get to know each other and take part in social events. The group was set up in July 2009 as some LGBT staff considered that, in an organisation as big as UCL, it was difficult to get to know people in other departments, especially other LGBTQ+ people.

Find out more about the network.

Friends of Out@UCL

Friends of Out@UCL is a staff network LGBTQ+ allies.

Find out more about the network.

Parents and Carers Together (PACT)

Parents and Carers Together (PACT) is a social network that aims to support UCL staff members who are balancing ongoing caring responsibilities with work. It is a peer support group led by network members for members so new ideas and activities are always welcomed and encouraged.

Find out more about the network.

Click here to view the leaflet with more information on the network.

Astrea - a network for women in professional services

Astrea aims to empower women.  And by doing so, to get women to realise their potential. We plan to do this by building a network where women can learn from each other; where our members can find mentors and role models; where they can talk about issues of common concern and where we can discuss what needs to change to reach 50/50 leadership.

Whether it’s about helping an individual to fill skills gaps, or changing institutional culture and policy, we can do it better as a collective.

Astrea will work to:

  • Provide a forum where members can share their experiences and learn from one another
  • Actively inform changes to UCL policy and culture to bring about greater gender equality

Find out more.

UCL Women

  • UCL Women is for academic UCL staff (postdoc and above) in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Any eligible staff are welcome to as many or as few events as they like.

    Please see the What’s new page to keep up-to-date with our events. You can also follow us on twitter at @UCLWomen for all the latest information.

    Find out more here.






Last updated: 27th October 2016