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Annual staff and student monitoring data

To ensure that its workforce is representative and to comply with its equality legal obligations, UCL currently monitors the age, disability, gender and ethnicity of all staff, job applicants, promotions, completion of appraisal, grievance, discipline and training take-up and publishes the results annually. It also monitors the sexual orientation and religious affiliation of job applicants and is in the process of collecting this information for all current staff.

All staff are asked to complete equal opportunities classification forms. Monitoring enables us to see what is happening in practice, to measure progress in relation to equality so that the workforce profile reflects and is representative of the diversity of society at all levels of the organisation. It also enables us to identify any obstacles within organisational structures or procedures and modify these accordingly to promote equality of opportunity. Staff monitoring data is presented annually to the Human Resources Policy Committee (HRPC) and the Committee for Equal Opportunities (CEO).

UCL also monitors admission and progress of students by age, disability ethnicity and gender on an annual basis. The data is presented to Faculty Teaching Committees which are asked to report back to the CEO on what action has been taken in relation to the data.  

You can view UCL's staff profile here. The data is broken down into Faculties, Schools and Corporate Support Services.

Information on the composition of the student body can be found here.

External guidance on the rationale for collecting equalities monitoring data is clearly explained in Stonewall's guide 'What's it got to do with you?'

Any questions about UCL's monitoring data should be sent to Sarah Guise, UCL's Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion.



Last updated: 12th October 2016