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UCL's Equality Champions

Professor Anthony Finkelstein
Race, Religion and Belief Champion
Dean of Engineering Sciences

I am the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Professor of Software Systems Engineering . I am also the UCL Equality Champion for Race, Religion & Belief. This means I take responsibility for ensuring that issues relating to equality, are appropriately represented in UCL's decision making processes.

I believe that equal treatment and respect in regard to matters of race, religion and belief are the hallmarks of a civilised society. Mutual respect is the underpinning for scholarly discourse. Such mutual respect and tolerance can coexist in UCL with an open and challenging dialogue, indeed this is the foundation of the UCL tradition of secular liberalism. A diverse community, accessible and welcoming to people of all races and backgrounds is essential to fulfill our institutional mission and to support the best research, education, knowledge transfer and engagement.

Dr. Gill Samuels
Age Champion
Member of Council

Baroness Diana Warwick of Undercliffe
Gender Champion
Member of Council

I am currently the Chair of the Human Tissue Authority. Before that I was the CEO of Universities UK, where I was responsible for representing the interests of 130 universities throughout the UK. My other roles have included CEO of the Association of University Teachers and Chair of Voluntary Services Overseas. I am a Member of the House of Lords and have been a Labour life peer since 1999. From my experiences working at UUK and in politics I know how much progress on gender equality has been made over the course of my career. However I am aware that there remain some significant challenges, for women in leadership positions in academia in particular.

Dame Nicola Brewer
Gender Equality Champion

Part of the reason I joined UCL a year ago was its reputation as the first university in England to admit women on equal terms to men. I'm delighted to have a chance to contribute, as one of UCL's Gender Champions, to continuing that progressive tradition. My commitment to gender equality was honed when I worked in the Department for International Development and learned that the single best development intervention is to educate a girl child - because it benefits her, her family, her community and the wider economy. The same commitment led me to become CEO of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, where I campaigned for shared parental leave among other things. I look forward to working with the UCL community - men and women - to champion gender equality: there's lots more to do!

Mr. Rex Knight
Disability Champion
Vice Provost - Operations

I was pleased to be asked to act as a disability equality champion. UCL depends on the excellence of its staff and students, and we should be supporting everyone to achieve at the highest level they can. A particularly important issue that we need to tackle is the relatively low levels of declaration of disability we have, especially for staff. Only when staff and students have the confidence to disclose disabilities can we engage most effectively in ensuring that their needs are fully addressed. 

Professor. Nick Tyler
Age Champion
Head of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

I have always been excited by the prospect of enabling people to achieve their ambitions - it is why I work in academia. In ensuring that this sort of opportunity is genuinely available to all, I have also been involved in the past in statutory committees such as the Disabled Persons' Transport Advisory Committee and in my department's submission which won the Athena SWAN Silver Award and through my CRUCIBLE project I encourage UCL researchers to investigate matters affecting and affected by ageing throughout the lifecourse. In the role of Age Champion at UCL, I am keen to investigate the opportunities for rethinking working patterns so that these can achieve a more satisfactory approach to work throughout working life.

Professor. Anthony Smith
LGBT+ Champion
Vice Provost (Education)

I joined UCL in January 2012 when I took up the newly-created role of Vice-Provost (Education). At the time of joining UCL I was struck by the incredible importance attached to its founding values and mission. The values of openness and opportunity are just as important today as they were in 1826 and that applies particularly to LGBT colleagues. Much good work has already been achieved but it is clear that there are areas of the organisation where colleagues feel uneasy with being open about their identity and sexuality. I am honoured to have been asked to be the LGBT champion and I will work tirelessly across the community so that we can all be comfortable and open about who we are.



Last updated: 25th June 2015