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Equalities & Diversity Committee

The Committee for Equal Opportunities (CEO) was established in 1986. It has now been replaced by the Equalities & Diversity Committee.

Terms of Reference:

Subject to any general or particular direction that may from time to time be given by Council or Academic Committee, the Equalities and Diversity Committee is charged by Council:

1. To monitor the implementation of UCL's Equalities and Diversity Strategy and associated action plan.

2. To commission and receive reports, policies and procedures to ensure that equalities and diversity are integral to the learning, working and social environment of UCL, and to approve or recommend for approval by the appropriate UCL committees such policies and procedures.

3. To monitor equalities and diversity key performance indicators in accordance with the annual reporting requirements of the Public Sector Equality Duty.

4. To review key Equality Impact Assessments and advise on mitigating actions to reduce inequalities at UCL.

5. To make recommendations to relevant individuals, departments or faculties on action to be taken to address any issues of underrepresentation at UCL.

6. To provide a forum for consultation and discussion of issues raised by UCL's Equality Groups.

7. To receive the Minutes of Working Groups etc that are charged to report to the Equalities and Diversity Committee.

8. To submit to Council annually (or at such frequency as Council may direct) via Academic Committee a written report of recent activities and developments within the purview of the Equalities and Diversity Committee.

9. To report to Academic Committee by submission to Academic Committee officers of the Minutes of each meeting of the Equalities and Diversity Committee.

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Last updated: 18th February 2015