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Diversity Calendar 2017-2018

At UCL it has been agreed that student requests to be absent due to religious commitments should be dealt with sympathetically by departments. Students should not be registered as 'absent' without good cause' if they are absent due to religious commitments, provided this has been discussed and agreed with their tutor.

Staff wishing to observe religious festivals and holy days should negotiate with their managers in advance. Managers in turn are encouraged to consider sympathetically requests for annual leave or flexible work schedules from staff wishing to participate in religious festivals and to be prepared to make reasonable adjustments to working arrangements as long as they don't cause undue disruption. Each academic year, a calendar of the main religious holidays is available so these can be taken into account by Departments with reference to drafting teaching timetables, coursework deadlines and field trips etc.

Please note that the effect of these festivals will vary from person to person, and they will not necessarily impact on staff or students time whilst at university (for example they are celebrated in the evening or at weekends).


View the calendar here.



Last updated: 13th September 2017