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Diversity Month 2013

Title: Caste, conversion and well being: some unanswered questions, Dr Sushrut Jadhav, Senior Lecturer in Cross-cultural Psychiatry

Type of event: lunchtime lecture showcasing UCL research

There is a surprising absence of research examining cultural and psychological dimensions of caste identity in India. The stigma of being an 'untouchable' caste (Dalit) remains unexplored. The lecture will outline the salient aspects of 'conversion' for untouchables to another religion, and implications for intervention on caste related stigma.  It will explore the following questions:
1) What is the nature of stigma associated with being an 'untouchable' caste? 2) How does this change following religious conversion? 3) How does caste shape individual identities and vice versa?

In addition the talk will also explore how and why does caste-ism impact upon the inner lives of both the perpetrators and their victims; how can their psychological wounds be healed; how is caste- related victimhood constructed, experienced and contested; what might be the cultural pathologies of the perpetrators of caste-ism; to what extent does caste-ism and racism overlap or differ in their psychological antecedents and consequences. Finally, can anti-racist interventions in the clinic (what is generally known as 'inter-cultural therapy') be applicable to the Indian context?

This event is open to all UCL staff, students and to the general public.

Date, Time and Venue:
Friday 1 February, 12-1pm, Cruciform lecture theatre 2, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT. A map can be found here.

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Sonal Bharadva

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