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Johanna Novales
Engineering Science Faculty Office
Tel: 020 7679 0347, ext. 30347
Email: j.novales(at)

I've been at UCL, in the Engineering Faculty Office, since 2011; prior to that I worked at HEFCE and at a variety of non-profit groups in New York. In both personal and professional contexts, I have considerable experience relating to LGBTQ, gender, immigration, and other equalities issues. I believe strongly that workplaces should be safe and free from harassment for all people and am glad to be part of UCL's efforts to this end.


June Campbell
Finance and Business Affairs
Tel: 020 3108 3059 ext. 53059
Email: June.campbell(at)

I am the UCL Insurance Manager, part of Legal Services in Finance and Business Affairs. Having been in my current role for nearly 10 years I've been through a few restructures and changes to the working environment with colleagues.

Work is a big part of most people's lives and I feel it's important that the time we spend there, should on the whole be a positive experience, however other factors can sometimes contribute to the opposite. It's better if possible to deal with an issue in the early stage's. I have previous experience as an online mentor for an anti-bullying charity.


Romy Beattie
UCL Interaction Centre
Tel: 020 7679 2816, ext. 32816
Email: r.beattie(at)

I have been working in UCL since November 2005 as the Teaching Administrator for the postgraduate programmes in UCLIC – UCL Interaction Centre. One of the aspects that I like most in my job is interacting with students and liaising with academics, co-workers from other Departments and with people from outside UCL. I am originally from Brazil and, for me, interaction with others is a vital part of my life and UCL is a great place to experience that. I feel a sense of pride in working in a place that takes diversity and equality seriously. I am very pleased to be part of the Dignity at Work Adviser Team as it is a good way to show care and respect to others and to be there when people need to have someone to talk to. I am here to listen and to advise the best I can.


Hannah Thompson
SHS Faculty Office
Tel: 020 7679 2775, ext. 32775
Email: h.thompson(at)  

I'm an LGBTQ woman in my 20's. Before UCL I worked in secondary schools and charities, and I studied English and History at university. I currently work in administration for the Joint Faculty office and volunteer as a trustee for UCLU. If you're in need of a cup of tea and someone to talk to, please feel free to call or email.

David Daniel

David Daniel
IT for SLMS, UCL Information Services Division UCL Institute of Ophthalmology
Tel: 02076086897
Email: david.daniel(at)

My Name is Danny and I am an IT Service Manager (IT for SLMS) at UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences based at the Institute of Ophthalmology on the Old Street Campus. I have been with UCL for 15 years. A large part of my job involves the interaction with staff and students at all levels. I have a strong sense of fairness and I always want to ensure that individuals are not treated less favourably than others and believe that work environment should be supportive of employees with diversity being embraced. If you would like to contact me about any issues you may be having you can do so, in confidence, by emailing; Please let me know how you wish to be contacted in your email and I will respond accordingly. Confidentiality assured.

Dr Caroline Selai

Dr Caroline Selai
Tel: 0207-676-2160
Email: c.selai(at)

I am a Senior Lecturer based in the Institute of Neurology. I am a chartered Psychologist and I trained as a UCL H&B Advisor in the Summer of 2000. I am also a trained mediator.
I am also Co-Director of the UCL Cultural Consultation Service (CCS)
From July 2013, my primary role will be to supervise and mentor the new Dignity at Work Advisors whose photos and details also appear on this page.
Contact one of the advisors shown on this page in the first instance, no matter what the query. Many people delay seeking advice. They often finish the first meeting with a comment such as "I wish I had spoken to someone about this sooner."



Last updated: 22nd October 2014