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Working Hours

Staff Group *UCL Standard working week Incremental Date Pay Award
Period of
Notice to
Resign Appt.
1 August (no less than 9 months after appointment for probationary academic staff) 1 August

3 months.

Research (Non Clinical) 36.5 1 August1 1 August 3 months
Professional Services Staff Grades 1-6 36.5 1 August1 1 August 4 weeks
Professional Services Staff Grades 7-9 36.5 1 August1 1 August 3 months
Professional Services Staff Grade 10 36.5 No incremental progression but eligible for consideration through the senior staff salary review policy 1 August 3 months
        In addition to the timescales set out above, staff with teaching responsibilities will be required to give notice such that they leave at the end of a term.

* UCL introduced the standard working week of 36.5 hours as a result of implementing the Pay Framework Agreement in May 2006. Specific groups of staff in post at the time had the option to retain their original hours of work and annual leave. Staff who rejected the new terms and conditions on offer as a result of the Pay Framework Agreement have retained their original terms and conditions. Details are available from the Human Resources Division.

1following completion of probationary period