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UCL Teaching Fellows Scheme Guidelines


Recruitment and Selection
Contract of Employment
Continuous Service
Calculation of Pay
Additional Payments
Additional Increments
Staff Review and Development
Annual Leave
Sick Pay
Maternity Entitlement
Other Leave Provisions

1. Introduction:

UCL Teaching Fellow appointments are appropriate where teaching only appointments are required. These may be necessitated by the temporary absence of Academic colleagues (for example on sabbatical, carers’ or maternity leave), or by the requirement to bring in new and additional expertise to a taught course.

2. Recruitment and selection:

The normal recruitment and selection process will be required (see HR website  at

3. Duties:

UCL Teaching  Fellows will undertake preparation, teaching and marking of exams for a specified course (or courses). Any duties undertaken outside of the period specified in the individual’s contract of employment will be remunerated at the appropriate rate.

UCL Teaching Fellows are not required to undertake research other than that which may be required for them to undertake their teaching duties.

4. Contracts of employment:

These may be fixed term (if providing cover for the absence of a colleague or bringing a specific expertise on a short term basis) or continuous. If the appointment is funded by a research grant or contract then an open ended contract with grant / project end date may be applied. All new appointments, irrespective of the length of contract will be subject to a probationary period (see Probation at paragraph 8 below).

5. Continuous service:

Continuity of service will be maintained where the employment relationship with UCL is on-going and the expectation is that it will be renewed, even though the pay periods may not be continuous.

6. Salary:

A clinical and non-clinical payscale will be established for UCL Teaching Fellows, with incremental progression on the payscales.

Non-Clinical Teaching Fellows are paid on Grade 7 of the UCL grading structure.  The minimum starting salary is at point 33.

Clinical Teaching Fellows are usually paid on the equivalent of the Clinical Lecturer (non-Consultant) payscale grade points 1 to 11 (1 to 12 for Dentists).

Salary scales can be found at:

The point on which an individual is first appointed will be determined by the Head of Department, taking into account the individual’s skills, expertise and experience and the requirements of the teaching role to be met. The minimum starting point is set at 33. Those individuals with greater experience and specialist knowledge may be appointed on higher scale points within Grade 7. For further advice on salary points please liaise with your HR Consultancy Team contact.

A full-time UCL Teaching Fellow (Non-clinical) works 36.5 hours per week. A full-time UCL Clinical Teaching Fellow works 40 hours per week.

7. Calculation of Pay:

UCL employees are normally paid pro-rata during the period that they work. For example an employee employed on a salary of £30,000 with an FTE of 50% working 1st October to 31st March (6 months) would receive gross pay of £7,500 for the period (£30,000 x 50% divided by 12 months x 6 months).

Certain employees have continuous employment on term-time or seasonal contracts. From 1st November 2005 appointment forms have been modified to enable UCL Teaching Fellows to be appointed on continuous seasonal contracts.   

UCL Teaching Fellows on continuous seasonal contracts who are not paid for a period of three months or more will need to be issued with a P45 at the end of the pay period in order to meet Inland Revenue requirements. A letter will be issued with the P45 confirming that their continuous service is not affected and setting out arrangements for recommence of pay upon their return to work.

UCL Teaching Fellows on continuous seasonal contracts who work for 9 months or more in each academic year will be paid continuously over 12 months. UCL Teaching Fellows on continuous seasonal contracts working for less than 9 months can also elect to be be paid continuously over 12 months. In these circumstances the employee’s FTE is modified to take account of the extended period of pay over 12 months.  

The appointment form and guidance for completing the form can be found at:

8. Additional Payments:

UCL Teaching Fellows may occasionally be asked to undertake additional duties not covered in their contractual hours. If this occurs during a period of continuous employment then a Form 6 (payment of additional duty) should be completed. If this occurs after their contract has ended a Form 7 (payment for one-off duty) should be used.

In both instance the amount payable should be calculated with reference their hourly rate of pay derived from UCL’s salary scales:

9. Additional increments:

UCL Teaching Fellows may be awarded accelerated increments within Grade 7. In addition, a case may be made for an increment above the non-contribution maximum only in circumstances where individuals have demonstrated sustained exceptional performance exceeding expectations of someone at their grade and salary level. This will have been demonstrated in terms of outstanding input to teaching which has had an exceptional impact on student learning. A request for an increment must detail how the case meets these criteria on the relevant form (currently using form for academic staff which can be found at: )

The award of an increment within the contribution range of Grade 7 will not confer further incremental progression.

10. Probation:

All new staff appointed with effect from 1st October 2004 will be subject to a probationary period of 9 months as detailed in the Induction and Probation Scheme at

In the case of fixed term staff with a contract shorter than the length of the probationary period, the probation process will be followed for the period during which the individual is employed with UCL.  The Human Resources Division is responsible for informing the relevant Head of Department that a review is imminent .

11. Staff Review and Development

On sucessful completion of probation, UCL Teaching Fellows will be included in the Appraisal, Review and Development Scheme, details of which are at:

12. Annual Leave:

13. Training:

All staff are encouraged to make use of the training courses made available by the Staff Development and Training Unit.

14. Sick pay:

UCL Teaching Fellows will be monitored under UCL’s Sickness Absence Policy (details at and departments must ensure that all staff including  UCL Teaching Fellows are included in the monthly sick returns to ensure that appropriate sick pay is paid.

The sick pay entitlement is as follows:


Full Pay

Half Pay

During first three months service

2 Weeks

2 Weeks

3 months service or more but less
than 12 months service


9 Weeks


9 Weeks

12 months service or more but less
than 3 years service


13 Weeks


13 Weeks

3 years service but less than 4
years service


22 Weeks


22 Weeks

Service of 4 years or more

26 Weeks

26 Weeks







Any occupational sick pay will only be paid during the period for which the UCL Teaching Fellow receives a salary. Outside of these pay periods individuals may be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

15. Maternity entitlement:

Entitlement to maternity leave and pay is detailed on the HR website at  Any occupational maternity pay will only be paid (subject to the criteria of the provisions being met) during the period for which the UCL Teacher receives a salary. Outside of these pay periods individuals may be eligible for Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP).

16. Other leave provisions:

Other leave provisions are detailed on the HR website at

17. Superannuation:

Staff on contracts which are for less than one year but for more than 13 weeks are eligible to join the appropriate pension scheme. 

Staff employed on contracts of more than one year will automatically be entered into membership of the appropriate Pension Scheme for which a contribution will be deducted from your salary.

18. Notice:

Termination will be by three months’ notice, unless otherwise mutually agreed.  During the probationary period, termination will be by one week’s notice.  Staff with teaching or other responsibilities for students are required to give notice such that they leave at the end of term.  During probation, UCL may terminate the employment by giving one week’s notice.  Following confirmation in post, UCL will give a minimum of three months notice.