Contacting HR

2nd Floor
Bidborough House
38-50 Bidborough St
London WC1H 9BT
Tel: +44 020 3108 8829

Inland Revenue

Tax District: 951
Tax Reference:
(to be quoted on 
all correspondence)
Tax Office Address: HMRC
Chapel Wharf Area
Trinity Bridge House
2 Dearmans Place
M3 5BS
Telephone: 0845 300 0627


When making enquiries at the Tax Office you will be required to quote your National Insurance Number.

If you have any queries about your tax affairs you can contact your local HMRC office (the telephone number is shown on the front of your tax return). Outside office hours there is also a Helpline facility which you can call on 0845 9000 444 for general advice. (If phoning from abroad the telephone number is: 44 451 555445 )