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Sickness - Management Guidance

Annual Leave and Sickness Q and A

When taking holiday during sickness absence is the employee on sick leave or annual leave?

The employee remains on sickness absence and will also be deemed to have taken their annual leave.

How is annual leave recorded when an employee takes holiday during sick leave?

The employee's My View record will continue to show the employee on sickness absence - this record must NOT be stopped. This is because it will affect sick pay entitlement including Statutory Sick Pay. The annual leave must be recorded locally because holiday and sickness cannot be recorded at the same time in MyView. The systems issues are being investigated by the HR Information team. MyView records for annual leave may need to be amended retrospectively when such issues have been resolved.

How will holiday requests be processed for requests during sick leave?

As we are currently unable to record annual leave and sick leave at the same time in MyView, the interim procedure for processing leave requests is:

  • The employee requests the holiday period with their manager.
  • The department contacts HR Consultancy for a payroll action form to be completed stating how many days annual leave is to be paid over a period.

Can annual leave requests be made retrospectively?

No, leave cannot be paid retrospectively. All annual leave requests must be made in advance of the holiday dates - the normal expectation is that the notice is at least twice the time period of the leave.

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