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Verifying your right to work - important guidance for all candidates

Why are you being asked to bring evidence of your right to work to interview?

The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 requires employers to check documents to establish a person's eligibility to work in the UK and compliance with any restrictions. Under the Act we are required to check your eligibility to work in the UK before you start work. We therefore ask all candidates to bring proof of their right to work to interview and a copy will be taken.

If you are successful at interview this documentation will be kept on your personnel file. If you are not successful the documentation will be shredded and securely disposed of. If you forget to bring this documentation you will be asked to bring the original to UCL before an offer can be made and contract sent.

What if I don’t physically attend for interview?

In a few exceptional cases this will not be possible e.g. where a telephone interview has taken place. Under these circumstances there are the following options: 

1) The original right to work documents are authenticated by a Notary who is local to you in your country of residence. The authenticated copy of the original document and Notary details should be sent to the named individual who is managing your recruitment at UCL.

2) The original documents are brought to UCL to be checked at a later date (but prior to commencing work) if you are due in the country shortly. A contract will not be issued until the documentation has been checked.

What is Proof?

Official Documentation

LIST A - Acceptable documents to establish a continuous statutory excuse 

Single documentation:

Combination documentation:


Group 1 – Documents where a time-limited statutory excuse lasts until the expiry date of leave

Group 2 – Documents where a time-limited statutory excuse lasts for 6 months

*NB: UCL will request a Positive Verification Notice from the Home Office Employer Checking Service.

Tier 4 Students

Students with a Tier 4 visa are also required to provide evidence of their academic term and vacation dates.


If you do not have automatic permission to work in the UK you may still be able to apply for a Tier 2 General visa under the points based immigration system.

If you meet the following criteria, UCL may offer you a CoS. This, along with confirmation of your competence in English and maintenance requirements will be considered by UK Visas and Immigration when considering your entry clearance / leave to remain in the UK.

Criteria for issuing a CoS:

For more detailed information about working in the UK please go to the UK Visas and Immigration website Work visas or visit the Right to Work ‘frequently asked questions’ page on the UCL website.