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Research Staff Appointment Guidance

1. Research Fellows

The following guidance applies to new appointments advertised after 1 August 2007. The titles of current staff will not change. Existing academic staff who are awarded an externally funded research fellowship will have the appropriate Research Fellow title and retain their academic terms and conditions of employment.

1.1 Appointment Title

After 1 August 2007 the title Research Fellow will only be used in the appointment of staff to externally funded named fellowships. Such fellowships are generally awarded by the Research Councils, the Royal Society, and charities.

If, at the end of the fellowship the Research Fellow is awarded external non-fellowship research funds, a new Research Associate contract must be issued.

1.2 Probation

1.2.1 Proleptic Academic Appointments

Some early-career fellowships require that the Fellow be appointed to an academic position at the conclusion of the Fellowship. In these cases, in order for the Fellow to prepare for the future academic role, s/he will be required to serve the 36 month probation for Lecturers and Research Fellows to be found at:

The 36 month probation will start at the commencement of the Fellowship. If the fellowship is for less than 36 months the period of probation will continue in the academic appointment.The Research Fellow will be appointed on research and professional services staff conditions of employment. Research Fellows will be required to set aside sufficient of their research time to meet the requirements of the probation scheme, including completion of the first Module of the Post Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, without compromising their research commitments. At the end of the fellowship the Research Fellow will be appointed on the academic staff as a Lecturer.

1.2.2 Without Proleptic Appointments

Research Fellows without proleptic appointments will serve 9 months probation.  Details of this probation scheme to be found at:

2. Research Associates and Research Assistants

All newly appointed research staff who do not hold fellowships, appointed on Grade 7 or higher will have the appropriate Research Associate title and be employed on research and professional services staff terms and conditions of employment.  Details of the terms and conditions to be found at:

Research staff who hold a PhD in the subject will be appointed on a minimum of grade 7. Please note that research staff that do not have a PhD in the subject will be appointed on Grade 6B and will have the title Research Assistant. Research staff without a PhD may exceptionally be appointed as Research Associate.

Current research staff who do not hold fellowships will retain their Research Fellow appointment title; however, on promotion will be awarded the appropriate Research Associate title.

3. Marie Curie Trainees

Marie Curie Trainees hold EC funded training fellowships, for the purpose of training early stage researchers who are doing a PhD.  The training is completed jointly with other private or public sector partners.

The Marie Curie Trainee will be paid a fixed salary on job grade "MCT" for the duration of the fellowship which will not qualify for cost of living awards.  They will be paid the current London Allowance which will qualify for adjustments. There are four possible levels of basic salary depending on whether they have dependents and whether they opt out of SAUL membership.  All figures are per annum.




Top-up allowance *

 No dependents, SAUL member  




Dependents, SAUL member 




 No dependents , no pension 




Dependents, no pension  




*Horizon 2020 scheme only - to be entered on SIP form as an additional allowance

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions’ Framework Programme 7: If there are residual funds in the grant at the end of the fellowship (subject to exchange rate), these will be paid to the Marie Curie Trainee.  Advertised Range: £25,836 – 30,556 depending on fellow circumstances.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Horizon 2020: These staff will be paid their top-up allowance pro-rata monthly.  Advertised Range: £28,986 – 35,981, depending on fellow circumstances.

The contracts of employment will be issued by the HR Employment Contract Administration Team.  The probation period is six months.

4. Implementation

SiP will contain the functional rules to simplify the application of the change and the operation is detailed in the SiP Manual to be found at:

The following occupational types and descriptions will apply from 1 August 2007 and the Marie Curie Trainee occupational type will be effective from January 2009:

Research Fellows

Occ Type


Occ. Type Name



Research Fellow



Senior Research Fellow



Principal Research Fellow



Professorial Research Fellow

Research Associates

Occ Type


Occ. Type Name


6B or MCT

Research Assistant or Marie Curie Trainee



Research Associate



Senior Research Associate



Principal Research Associate



Professorial Research Associate

Honorary Research Associates

Occ Type

Occ. Type Name


Honorary Research Associate


Honorary Senior Research Associate

Positions advertised as Research Fellow prior to 1 August 2007 for appointment after that date may retain the Research Fellow appointment title.

HR Strategy and Planning Team
February 2009