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Relocation - Transport of Personal Effects

UCL have engaged the following preferred supplier of relocation services for the transport and storage of UCL employees' personal effects and household goods:

Personal effects only (no packing, no furniture): City Sprint

Furniture and personal effects: Robinsons Relocation, Pickfords or Lexicon Relocation

Please refer to our ‘Relocation Scheme’ for relocations to UCL within the UK at


Furniture and personal effects : Robinsons Relocation, Pickfords or Lexicon Relocation

Please refer to our 'Relocating to the UK' webpage, and to the 'Relocation Scheme'.

If you are relocating to one of UCL’s international campuses please refer to the specific relocation package benefits.

Form C3 is a form required to declare personal belongings to Customs and claim any duty and tax reliefs that may apply when returning or transferring residence from outside the European Community to the UK and may be found at here.


Staff should contact the appropriate supplier and make the necessary arrangements regarding the collection, packing, transport, storage, customs clearance and delivery of their goods. The invoice will be directed to UCL Finance if the member of staff is eligible for relocation expenses, if not, the member of staff should arrange payment directly with the supplier. The supplier contact details are below:

Robinsons Relocation
Clare Allaway
Relocation Advisor
Tel: +44 (0)1235 552285

Lexicon Relocation (Previously known as Connell's)
Helen Grierson-Shea
Client Services Director
Tel: +44 (0) 1635 271215

Evelin Roosalo
International Corporate Move Manager
Tel: +44 (0) 20 3701 4930

Personal effects only:

City Sprint
58-62 Scrutton Street

Please send your requirement to the team David Potter at quoting account number M90002.

Please follow the four steps below to ensure that all of the relevant information is provided at the point of request. This will assist City Sprint in processing the requirement in addition to allowing accurate quotes to be submitted.

  1. Packaging

    Please advise if any packaging material is required for the consignment, as City Sprint can supply packaging material. In the event that a consignment requires professional packaging, City Sprint are able to supply this service through a third party Service Partner.

  2. Indemnity

    If indemnity is required the value of the consignment(s) must be declared. City Sprint provide Goods in Transit Indemnity Cover for up to £10,000 at no additional cost on Same Day courier services. Any goods in excess of this amount will be quoted upon application. If indemnity is required for UK Overnight or International services, this will also be quoted on application. Please note that not all consignments can be indemnified. For more information please contact City Sprint.

  3. Tracking

    Please advise if tracking is required for your consignment at the point of booking. You can receive tracking updates by either email or SMS.

  4. Special Instructions

    If there are any specific instructions relating to your delivery please communicate them to City Sprint so that your requirement is managed effectively.

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