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Pension Options for new employees

Thinking About Your Future

One of the many benefits of joining the staff of UCL is access to membership of a final salary Occupational Pension Scheme. You will be entered automatically into the relevant pension scheme from your first day of service providing you have a contract of employment for 3 months or more. This excludes contracts paid on an as and when basis.

UCL operates 3 pension schemes, SAUL, USS and NHS

Which Scheme am I eligible to join?

What Are the Benefits?

Pension and Lump sum on retirement

The annual pension is calculated on your final salary and the length of your membership. The tax free lump sum is three times the annual pension.

Instant Life Cover

From the minute you join the scheme you are eligible for life cover. In the event that you die while as a member of the scheme, your named beneficiary or next of kin will receive a lump sum and could be entitled to a pension. 

Tax Relief

You do not pay tax on superannuation contributions, and the National Insurance rate is lower.  

Ill-Health Retirement

If you become too sick to continue your employment, there is the possibility of retirement on grounds of ill-health or infirmity.


You have the security of knowing that your money is protected, is invested wisely and will provide you with a pension on retirement.

The Club

The schemes at UCL are members of the Pensions Club and are easily transferable within UK universities and other club schemes. There is also the possibility of transferring to a non-club scheme.

What Will It Cost?

The contributions to occupational pensions at UCL will be deducted from your salary and are not taxed. Also, because you are a member of a ‘contracted-out’ scheme when you join, you no longer pay into the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme (SERPS), so your National Insurance contributions are smaller.

The minimum contribution rate for each scheme is set, but if you wanted to increase it you could buy more benefits.

When You Retire

When you come to retire, there is a pre-retirement course available which will help to explain exactly what happens when you finish work.

Pension Options for new employees coming from overseas to the UK

You may be working in the UK only for a short while, or have come from overseas and need to know more about how to make retirement provisions whilst in the UK. Click here for more information.


Update August 2006