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Mobile Phone Use

Staff issued with mobile phones purchased by UCL for use in the course of their work must ensure the security of the phone (and any allied equipment) at all times. As with the use of other UCL telephones, personal (non-business) calls should be avoided and where necessary should be very short.

The Telecommunications Unit issues guidance to mobile phone users regarding health and safety in relation to their use, and these must be observed at all times (see Under no circumstances should mobile phones be used while driving or while using machinery.

Mobile phones should be switched off during meetings, lectures, seminars, training courses etc. other than in very exceptional circumstances where it is necessary to take an urgent business call. In these circumstances it is courteous to alert colleagues to the fact that an urgent call is expected.

Personal mobile phones should not normally be used within the work environment. Many departments/buildings have local rules regarding the use of mobile phones, and these must always be respected.

It is UCL policy that business calls from land lines to mobile phones be kept to a minimum as calls to mobile phones cost more than four times as much as calls to a land line.