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Give As You Earn (GAYE)

Did you know that you could give to any of your favourite charities by having a small deduction made from your monthly salary?

Did you know that by giving in this way your charity would automatically also receive your tax without having to go through the costly admin of claiming it back?

Workplace Giving is a simple, efficient and flexible scheme, which allows employees here at UCL, paid through PAYE, to give on a tax-free basis, to the charity/ies of their choice.

A donation of £10.00 per month will only cost you £8, for a standard rate taxpayer, or £6 if you are higher rate.

All employees can choose how much they want to give and are able to increase or decrease the amount, or even stop if you wish, at any time

So which charities can you give to?

Deciding to actually give is the easy part. However, choosing which cause benefits from your donation may be a tougher decision to make. There are thousands of worthy causes ready to accept your donation and you can donate to any of them!

Workplace Giving UK, an organisation we are working with to promote the scheme, are able help with this decision.

How do you become a Workplace Giving donor?

Simply visit Workplace Giving UK to take part online, or for any further information please telephone 0208 381 2479 or email or download the form.

To donate now, visit the Workplace Giving UK donor form.