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Guidelines on UCL Drivers


1. The Second EU Driving Licensing Directive was implemented in the UK from 1 January 1997. Henceforth new licence holders driving vehicles of 3.5 tonnes laden weight or more or passenger carrying vehicles having 9 seats or more would be classified as Group II drivers, would have to be over 21 years of age and would be required to submit a regular medical report. Approximately 400 persons are currently insured to drive College vehicles or hired vehicles; these are mostly mini buses and hence fall into the Group II category.

2. The UCL Health & Safety Management Team has recommended that (1) College should set minimum standards for all drivers of minibuses or vehicles of 3.5 metric tonnes owned or hired by the College; (2) all drivers of vehicles owned or hired by College should have regular routine health surveillance; and (3) where there is specific guidance from the HSE about medical standards (e.g. for fork lift truck drivers), this guidance should be followed. The Chair of the Field Course Grants Committee has endorsed these recommendations.

3. Routine health surveillance has already been introduced to give effect to (2) and (3). The following guidelines below set out minimum standards for drivers and advice to drivers/hirers/those being driven.

Minimum standards for Drivers of Group II vehicles

4. Drivers of College College owned/hired Group II category vehicles must:

5. Departments must satisfy themselves that drivers comply with the above mentioned requirements. Even where individuals meet these requirements, Heads of Departments shall have absolute discretion over the whether or not a particular individual is permitted to drive.

General Advice

6. The following advice applies in whole or in part to drivers/hirers/those being driven:


The operation of this policy will be reviewed in the Academic Session 2000-2001 and periodically thereafter as necessary.