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Breastfeeding on Return to Work

International health organisations and the Dept of Health have all in recent years recognised the importance of breast feeding and of employers allowing women the opportunity to express breast milk while at work to facilitate that choice. UCL will therefore endeavour to find a quiet, private space for women to express breast milk on return to work from maternity leave, if they choose to do so (or exceptionally to feed their child if s/he is being cared for in the vicinity of the UCL campus). Women expressing breast milk will need access to a secure, clean fridge in which to store the milk, work breaks at appropriate times or flexibility of start and/or finish times while they are breastfeeding.

The shortage of accommodation on the majority of UCL sites means that it is not always straightforward to identify facilities to be used by women expressing breast milk, but requests for space in which to do so will be treated sympathetically. Where staff do not have their own office, and there is no vacant accommodation within the department, a private space could include the use of a colleague’s spare office while they are on leave or at meetings, or the use of centrally bookable space. It is not suitable to use toilets for this purpose. Heads of department or line managers approached with such a request should endeavour to identify accommodation that can be used for this purpose, liaising with neighbouring departments if appropriate.

More information about Safety Arrangements for Pregnant Workers can be found on the Safety Services website.

Safety Arrangements for Pregnant Workers