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Breastfeeding on Return to Work

1. Purpose

1.1 This document sets out UCL’s commitment to supporting mothers who wish to breastfeed on their return to work and to identify suitable facilities to do so.

2. Background

2.1 International health organisations and the Department of Health (DH) have all in recent years recognised the importance of breast feeding and of employers allowing women the opportunity to express breast milk while at work to facilitate that choice. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends 6 months exclusive breastfeeding.

2.2 UCL will endeavour to find a quiet, private space for women to express breast milk on return to work from maternity leave, if they choose to do so (or exceptionally to feed their child if s/he is being cared for in the vicinity of the UCL campus). Women expressing breast milk will need access to a secure, clean fridge in which to store the milk, work breaks at appropriate times or flexibility of start and/or finish times while they are breastfeeding.

3. Rest rooms for New and Expectant Mothers

3.1 To support new parents in striking a work/life balance that works for them, the following spaces are available for new or expectant mothers to use to rest, or for expressing/breastfeeding.
You can search for a route to the buildings listed below using the UCL Route Finder.

1-19 Torrington PlaceThe Fiona McLean quiet room, G16

Rest / expressing room: Lockable from the inside with electrical outlet, sink, fridge and a sofa. On the ground floor by the main entrance. Key available from reception, where you will need to sign in.

Baby-changing facilities: Available in the accessible female-only WC located on the 3rd floor, opposite the west end lift lobby.

Malet Place Engineering Building Room 716

Rest / expressing room: Room 716 is the designated rest / expressing room. It is lockable and has a sink and a lounge chair. Access to the Malet Place Engineering Building, is via the UCL card-operated turnstile or via the staffed Reception in the adjacent Roberts Building.

Baby-changing facilities: The above room doubles as a baby changing room.

26 Bedford Way 409, 4th floor

Rest / expressing room: Small, lockable from the inside, room with electrical outlet. Key available from John Draper, Divisional Head of Administration (room 306 on the floor below). Currently, the room is dual use, doubling as a break out room for researchers. Researchers have been informed of the need to use it as a rest / expressing room, so it can be vacated immediately if required for its primary function.

Baby-changing facilities:
Available in the accessible unisex WC’s located on the 4th floor

Institute of Neurology, Queen Square House 7th Floor, room 704.

Rest / expressing room: Anyone with a UCL card has been granted access to the ‘Maternity Room’ in the IoN, which is located on the 7th floor (room 704) of Queen Square House. The room is lockable and has a sink, fridge, water dispenser, small table, four chairs and a long sofa. Access is via the reception in Queen Square House. You will need to sign in and you will be given an Athena SWAN badge. Open between 09.00 and 17.00 Monday to Friday. Currently, the room is dual use (it doubles as a tea/coffee room) but the primary use is as a rest / expressing room and it must be vacated immediately if required for its primary function.

Central House, 14 Upper Woburn Place 1st Floor

Rest / expressing room: Available to staff and students in Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources (BSEER). The quiet room is available on the 1st floor and needs to be booked by contacting the BSEER admin office. The roomdoes not have a key, but occupants put a sign on the door when it is in use. The room has an easy chair and foot rest. A fridge is also kept specifically for expressed milk in the admin office.

Aviation House, 125 Kingsway 4th Floor

Rest / expressing room: Available to all UCL staff and students working in Aviation House. The room is available on the 4th floor lobby, 1st quiet room on the right. Key needs to be initially collected from ICTM facilities department on the 5th floor
The room is dedicated for new mothers, has a lockable fridge, chair and a desk. The room itself is lockable as well.

MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology Building

Rest / expressing room: Rooms will be made available as needed for those working or visiting the LMCB. Communal fridges located on the ground and second floors are suitable for ad hoc use.

Baby-changing facilities: Located in the large ground floor unisex WC, room G18. Available to anyone who has access to the building, or is signed in as a visitor.

Paul O’Gorman Building, Cancer Institute

Rest / expressing room: This rest room is currently available to Cancer Institute staff and students. The room is lockable and has a fridge available. For more information please contact the Cancer Institute DEOLO.

256 Gray’s Inn Road, Eastman Dental Institute

Expressing Facilities: Facilities including a fridge, kettle, microwave are available in the basement of the Victoria Wing

Baby-changing facilities: Available in the Paediatric department and in the Education Centre.

25 Gordon Street, Department of Mathematics 6th Floor

Expressing Facilities: A fridge is available to staff and students of Mathematics.  For more information please contact the Mathematics Department DEOLO.

Christopher Ingold Building, Gordon Street, Department of Chemistry

Expressing and baby-changing facilities: A room (which also acts as a first aid room) is available on the ground floor of the Chemistry Building. There is also a fridge available in room 124E. For more information, please contact the Chemistry Department DEOLO.

Royal Free Campus

Expressing and baby-changing facilities: A room is located on the ground floor of the main hospital, down the corridor from WHSmiths. The room has a changing table, sink and chair, and is lockable from the inside.  

Chandler House, 2 Wakefield Street

Baby-changing facilities: Facilities are available in the accessible, unisex toilet in the ground floor (follow signs).

SSEES Building, 16 Taviton St room 344 (Medical room)

Rest / expressing room: Located on the third floor.

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