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UCL - NHS Interface Working Group Terms of Reference


The UCL-NHS Interface Working Group is set up with the purpose to co-ordinate the implementation of the Clinical Consultant Academic Contract as well as to implement joint working arrangements between UCL and its NHS Partners as outlined in the Follett Report recommendations.


University and NHS staff with academic and clinical duties on substantive and honorary contracts.


The UCL - NHS Interface Working Group will report to the Vice - Provost of Bio - Medicine, Prof Spyer.

Main focus:

Membership of the Interface Working Group:

Members include representatives from the Medical School, Post Graduate Institutes and Human Resources. They are as follow:

Medical School Administration
Prof Leon Fine
Andrew Whalley
Vanessa Havercroft

Institute of Child Health
Barbara Pittam
Clare Speary

Eastman Dental Institute
Dean Pateman

Institute of Ophthalmology
Karen Bonstein

Institute of Neurology
Libby Bertram

Human Resources
Sarah Brant
Karen Ault


Regular meetings will be held and relevant information will be made available on the UCL WebPages dedicated to Clinical Academics.