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Criteria For Pay Thresholds

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For the purpose of Associated Document F, reference to the term clinical academic throughout this document is inclusive of the following categories of staff: Clinical Academic (Honorary Consultant), Clinical Academic Public Health (Honorary Consultant) and Senior Academic General Practitioner.

1. Following the annual Integrated Job Plan review, the managers who have conducted the review will report the agreed outcome to the Dean of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences (hereafter referred to as 'the Dean') (or his/her nominee) and the Chief Executive of the honorary NHS employing organisation, copied to the clinical academic, setting out for the purposes of decisions on pay thresholds whether the clinical academic has:

2. The Dean (or his/her nominee), informed by the joint job planning recommendation, will decide each year whether the clinical academic has met the criteria.

3. Where one or more of the criteria are not achieved in any year, the Dean (or his/her nominee) will have the discretion to decide where appropriate, for instance because of ill health, that the clinical academic should nonetheless be regarded as having met the criteria for that year.

4. Clinical academics should not be penalised if objectives have not been met for reasons beyond their control. Employers and clinical academics will be expected to identify problems affecting the likelihood of meeting objectives as they emerge, rather than wait until the annual Integrated Job Plan review.

5. It will be the norm for clinical academics to achieve pay progression. Pay progression may only be deferred where the clinical academic has not met the specified criteria at paragraph 1 of this document. Employing organisations cannot introduce any new criteria. For instance, pay progression cannot be withheld or delayed on the grounds of the employing organisation's financial position. Nor would it be acceptable for employing organisations to use any system of quotas for pay progression.

6. A clinical academic has the right of appeal against a decision by UCL that he or she has not met the criteria in respect of any given year. In the event of an appeal, it will be the responsibility of UCL (if necessary, drawing on the views of the honorary NHS employer) to show why this decision was taken. The agreed appeal process will apply and may be found in Associated Document G.