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Definitions and Terminology

The new Consultant Clinical Academic contract is associated with a range of new definitions and terminology. This is a list quick reference guide to the most frequently used definitions and terminology.


Commitment date and eligibility for 2003/04 back pay

The commitment date is the date by which you provided formal expression of your intent to join the new contract to UCL. The commitment date is not the same as the date of transfer to the new contract.

Date of transfer
The date of transfer is a date chosen by you. It is the effective date of commencement of the contract and is the date you have chosen for backdating. It will also become the anniversary date for pay progression purposes.

If you select 1 April 2003 as your date of entry to the new contract, you will received the maximum amount of back pay. If you choose to defer your date of entry to the new contract in order to accrue another year of seniority, you will commence on a higher salary on transfer to the new contract but will qualify for less back pay.

Back pay

Ready Reckoner
The Ready Reckoner is a financial tool that will enable you to calculate and judge the financial effects of the new contract. Ensure you are using the most up to date version – the 2003/2004 edition.

Dual qualification
Dual qualification is where two university degrees are essential for the medical aspect of a post (for example, medicine and dentistry for maxillo facial surgeons). It applies only to those posts that require the holder to possess two undergraduate degrees. Dual accreditation is not, therefore, the same as dual qualification.

The following list gives illustrative situations or qualifications that are NOT covered by the definition as set out above, and WOULD NOT increase seniority:

Private Practice
All Consultant Clinical Academics, including those who work part time, will, if they wish to remain eligible for pay progression, be expected to offer no more than 1 additional PA per week of spare professional capacity to UCL before undertaking other paid clinical work. This additional PA will be paid at the appropriate rate. A whole time consultant with a job plan containing 11 or more PAs per week would not be expected to offer any additional work on top of this. See for more details.

Fee Paying Services
The general principle is that where the activities have been agreed as part of the job plan and occur within the 10 full time programmed activities, then the Consultant Clinical Academic will not be paid an additional fee. However there are circumstances where the consultant can retain the fee, for example where the work is undertaken in the consultant’s own time. See for more details.