Contacting HR

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Consultant and G.P. Career Grade Doctor and Dentists Other UCL Healthcare Professionals holding Honorary NHS appointments Follett Joint Management Agreement
between UCL and Its NHS Partner Trusts



Launch Job Planning Round

Outstanding Job Plans

As Job Plans are received

Submission of Job Plans to SLMS Staffing Manager

NB Delays in submitting Job Plans can result in UCL Finance being unable to recover associated funding from NHS partners, as such payments relate to past financial years. Where reimbursement cannot be secured due to late completion it is likely that Divisions/Institutes will need to meet the costs. It is for this reason that you are strongly encouraged to obtain all outstanding Job Plans by the end of February at the latest.

Submission of Job Plans to HR

Notification of ad-hoc changes in APA, On-Call, Out of Hours commitments

Where changes are made within the Job Plan cycle (i.e. not already agreed as part of the annual review of a Job Plan) in any given year the Division/Institute must obtain a funding letter (where required) and complete and submit and Out of Job Plan SiP form.

New Appointments to the CCA/SAGP contract

On receipt of the paperwork SLMS Staffing Manager will update HR files and CCA spreadsheet