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Health, Safety and Well-Being

Occupational Health Service

UCL prides itself on having a comprehensive Occupational Health Service (OHS) that provides advice and support for all staff, in relation to the effects of work on health and of health on work. The OHS also provides support and assistant services, work related travel health and holiday health advice, as well as advice on smoking cessation.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

UCL has a contract with an external service provider to make available a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme. This service is designed to help staff resolve personal and work-related problems and is available to family members of UCL staff. Just some of the issues that the EAP can help with are emotional, health, family, consumer information, relationships, legal and financial. Check out the web site and see what they can offer.


Eye Care for Display Screen Equipment Users

Using a computer is an integral part of most of our jobs and UCL values the health, safety and well-being of all staff. The UCL Eye Care Scheme allows staff a free sight test and where appropriate for computer use, a choice of a range of free lenses and frames.

Health Promotion Initiatives

UCL recognises the value of a healthy workforce. The Occupational Health Service provides information about health topics on a regular basis to enable staff to make informed choices about lifestyle and health.

UCL Mediation Service

Independent service to help staff resolve disputes or difficulties at workplace.