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Redeployment Policy

This Policy is only applicable for those staff employed in UCL Australia

Redeployment Procedure for Staff Facing Redundancy

Scope and Purpose

1. UCL is committed to avoiding making staff redundant wherever possible. Where it is necessary to make posts redundant, UCL will seek to redeploy staff into suitable alternative vacancies elsewhere in the university. Redeployment opportunities for UCL Australia staff will be limited to availability of suitable vacancies at UCL Australia. A requirement to relocate to the UK for non UK citizens may not be deemed suitable. Offers of re-deployment opportunities will be subject to visa requirements. Successfully redeploying staff whose posts are to be made redundant allows UCL to retain valuable skills, knowledge and experience, reduces the cost and time required to fill vacancies and reduces the time needed for induction and training of staff new to UCL.

2. Whilst UCL is committed to seeking to redeploy staff at risk of redundancy it is acknowledged that this will not always be possible.


3.The redeployment process will normally start from the date when a member of staff, henceforth the redeployee, attends a consultation meeting to discuss their possible redundancy. The possibility of redeployment to a suitable alternative post will be discussed as part of the consultation meeting.

4. Where notice periods are less than 3 months, departments are encouraged to start the consultation process as early as possible to allow them to preferably issue notice 3 months before the proposed redundancy. This will ensure that the staff member has the greatest opportunity to seek redeployment.

5. Redeployees at UCL Australia should produce an up to date CV and confirm the type of job and grade(s) of post that s/he would be prepared to consider. Redeployment will be constrained to either posts at the same or a lower grade. Redeployment cannot be a route to career progression as this would give redeployees unfair access to vacancies before they are advertised. Where a redeployee is redeployed into a post of a lower grade they will be paid at the non-contributory maximum point of the grade of the new post. The terms and conditions of the new post will apply.

6. UCL Australia recruiting managers are required to inspect and consider CV's of local redeployees before proceeding to advertisement. The recruiting manager must then consider the details of all of those redeployees listed against the person specification for the vacancy, deselecting those that do not meet the essential criteria. Exceptionally, there may be skills that the redeployee does not possess but could be attained in the 4 week trial period and this should be taken into account when considering selection. Recruiting managers must keep a record of the reasons for rejecting candidates, as candidates must be given feedback if requested.

7. If one (or more) redeployee matches the person specification of the post, the recruiting manager should call them for an interview. If, following the interview, the redeployee is suitable for the post, a reference will be sought from the redeployee's current line manager. Any concerns or issues that arise as a consequence of the reference must be discussed with your departmental contact in the Human Resources Consultancy Team before an appointment decision is made. The post will initially be offered on a 4 week trial period, to enable both the redeployee and the department to assess whether the redeployee is suitable for the post. If, following the interview, the redeployee is not considered to meet the essential criteria for an appointment; the redeployee will be given feedback.

8. Where a redeployee is selected for a post, the manager should meet with him/her on at least a weekly basis in the trial period to review and discuss progress. This will help both parties to assess whether the redeployee is suitable for the post.

9. In exceptional circumstances the trial period can be extended for a maximum of 4 weeks by mutual agreement. This should be on the basis that further assessment of progress needs to take place.

10. Where a member of staff is redeployed to a lower graded position, s/he is entitled to be paid at the rate of the former graded position for the remainder of the notice period.

11. If after the trial period the redeployment is considered unsuccessful, the redeployee will be entitled to consideration for any further re-deployment opportunities at UCL Australia for the remainder of the notice period or 4 weeks, whichever is the greater. The redeployee will be given feedback by the recruiting manager as to the reasons why the trial period was unsuccessful. In cases where the redundancy notice period is less than 12 weeks, the redeployee is entitled to remain on the register for 12 weeks, but will only be paid for the length of the notice period.

12. If there is no successful redeployment in the redundancy notice period, the redeployee will be dismissed under the terms of their redundancy notice.


13. This procedure has been agreed in partnership with UCL's recognised trade unions, UCU, UNISON and Unite. This procedure will be monitored and kept under review by all parties.

A summary of the Redeployment Procedure is available.

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Updated January 2010