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Long Service Leave

This Policy is only applicable for those staff employed in UCL Australia

1.         Scope

1.1 The majority of the South Australian workforce, including UCL Australia staff, accrue long service leave entitlements under the state Long Service Leave Act 1987 and The Long Service Leave (Unpaid Leave) Amendment Act 2008. This policy is designed to clarify entitlement to long service leave, how this can be taken, any variations and record requirements.

2.         Entitlement

2.1 Under the Act, an employee who has completed 10 or more years service with UCL in South Australia is entitled to 13 weeks Long Service Leave. A further 1.3 weeks is granted for each completed year after 10 years service There is no limit to the amount of long service leave which can be accrued.

2.2 Entitlement to long service leave is only applicable to "South Australia Service", which means:

  • service in South Australia
  • service outside South Australia where the person is predominantly employed in South Australia
  • service outside South Australia in pursuance of a contact of employment of which South Australia law is the proper law

3.         Taking Leave

3.1 Long Service Leave will be taken at such times as agreed with the Head of Department / Chief Financial Officer and approval is subject to service requirements. UCL can require an employee to take some or all of his/her long service leave with 60 days' notice.

3.2 The Long Service Leave should be taken in one continuous period, but if an employee and UCL agree, the following variations are allowed:

  • deferral of long service leave
  • taking of long service leave in separate periods
  • taking of long service leave with less than 60 days' notice
  • taking of long service leave in anticipation of the entitlement being accrued by the employee
  • payment in lieu of long service leave not taken (this must be confirmed in a written agreement signed by both employer and employee).

4.         Termination of Contract after Seven Years' Service

4.1 If the employment of a UCL employee ceases after she/he has at least 7 years of South Australia service, a pro-rata payment for long service leave will be made on termination of the contract, at the rate of 1.3 weeks for each completed year of service.  

5.         Records

5.1 UCL must keep records relating to Long Service Leave throughout an employee's service and at least 3 years after termination. Employees are entitled to inspect these records. The records should include:

  • date of commencement of service;
  • occupation or duties;
  • rate of pay;
  • number of hours worked per week (insofar as may be relevant to the worker's entitlement under this Act);
  • entitlement to long service leave;
  • any long service leave taken by the worker;
  • any payment made to the worker by agreement in lieu of long service leave; and

when the service of the worker is terminated:

  • the manner of termination; and
  • any payment made to the worker in lieu of long service leave.

HR Policy
August 2015