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As and When contracts Guidance

This Policy is only applicable for those staff employed in UCL Australia

'As and When' contracts allow UCL Australia to engage individuals as and when they are needed and to control their tasks when they are working with us. However, there is no mutuality of obligation between UCL Australia and the individual; UCL Australia is not obliged to offer the individual work, and the individual does not have to accept the work offered. Accordingly, this group are defined as "casual employees".

As and When contracts should not normally last more than 12 months. The range or amount of hours to be offered will be notified to the member of staff in their contract. The amount of hours being worked and the expected duration of the work will need to be reasonable.

Workers are not expected to undertake a regular pattern of work (i.e. set number of hours and days each week) over a long period of time. Should such a regular pattern develop a casual member of General Staff can apply for conversion to non-casual employment. To become eligible for the conversion, the member of staff must have worked on a regular and systematic basis in the same or similarly and identically classified position in the same department (or equivalent) either; over the immediately preceding period of 12 months an average weekly hours at least 50% of the Full time Equivalent or over the immediately preceding period of at least 24 months.

There will be a minimum one hour engagement for students and those workers who have primary occupations elsewhere and three hours for all other staff.

The hourly rate paid to such workers is derived from UCL Australia salary scales. The minimum rate per hour will be 1/38 of the weekly base rate of pay from the relevant classification plus a loading of 25%.

The minimum salary paid to academic casual staff will be derived from three base rates:

1) Lecturing and higher marking rate – point 2, Level B

2) Performance of other duties involving full-time subject coordination or possession of a relevant doctoral qualification – point 6, Level A

3) All other duties – point 2, Level A.

An 'As and When' employee who is identified on the HR/payroll database as not having had a payment for two or more years will be closed down and archived.

HR Policy and Planning
January 2010