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  • IS: Advanced statistics with Excel 2013

    This course is aimed at competent Excel users who are already familiar with basic functions and would like to use Excel for more sophisticated statistical analysis. It aims to introduce you to more built-in Excel statistical functions; the functions in the analysis tool pak and to consolidate your skill in building complex formulae by hand. The course covers major descriptive measures, some parametric tests, chi-square testing of association and regression. We encourage participants to bring their own laptops if possible.
    Event dates:
    02-May-17 to 02-May-17
    100000 to 1300
  • IS: Intermediate statistics with Excel 2013

    This course is an introductory level course aimed at those who would like to learn how to write formulae and use functions in Excel for basic statistical purposes. It aims to introduce you to built-in Excel statistical functions and introduce you to  building formulae by hand. The course covers major descriptive measures, some basic plots and introduces the elements of regression analysis. This is not a statistics course nor is it a basic Excel course. Participants must have an adequate statistical understanding and hold the pre-requisite Excel skills listed in our Moodle course. You may wish to enrol on our Moodle ISD IT Training course and download course materials to your N drive prior to attending the course
    Event dates:
    24-May-17 to 24-May-17
    1000 to 1300
    This course has been cancelled.
  • IS: Pivot Tables in Excel 2013

    Pivot tables allow you to organise and summarise large amounts of data by filtering and rotating headings around your data. This course also shows you how to create Pivot charts. There will be an opportunity to work with your own data at the end of the course so you may wish to bring some sample data with you either on a USB storage device or CD. You should also have access to your N and S drives.
    Eligibility: This course is available to postgraduates as well as staff.
    Event dates:
    03-May-17 to 03-May-17
    1400 to 1600