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  • IS: Bibliographies lunchtime session

    It's time to take the toil out of finding and using bibliographic data. This talk looks at how the right application can help you in literature searching, compiling databases of reference material and integrating the results with word processing or document production software to handle citations and reference list. We will discuss EndNote and Reference Manager, look at online catalogues and databases and compare them with a different approach pioneered by the web application Zotero.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • IS: Computer security lunchtime session

    This one hour briefing session looks at key ways to keep your computer secure. The examples used are based on Windows systems, but topics are relevant to users of other systems including Macintosh computers. There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end. NB: No handouts will be available on the day so please click on More Info to visit the session web page and print handouts to bring along.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • IS: Statistical Computing Without Tears lunchtime session

    Don't let the numbers scare you anymore! This talk introduces the different software solutions available at UCL for statistical computing, including descriptive and inferential statistics, charting and visualisation. Applications include SPSS, Stata, Excel, Sigma Plot, Minitab, Matlab and web applications.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • IS: Taming long documents lunchtime session

    Word processing is easy, sometimes too easy. This talk covers some of the less well known features of Word processors and introduces some alternatives to Microsoft Word, including OpenOffice, LaTeX and nline document production. A little bit of software knowledge can make writers more productive and allow you to concentrate on content while you let the machine take care of the tedium.
    There are no future events for this course listed.