This Policy is only applicable to UCL staff seconded to Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan

Visa Information for Nazarbayev University’s International Faculty

International faculty members need a visa for entry to Kazakhstan. There are two main types of visa that foreigners may need to apply for with assistance of NU’s Department of International Cooperation. They are:

  • Business visa

This type of visa is given to foreigners who come to NU to discuss any potential areas of collaboration, participate in negotiations, conferences and on other business matters related to joint cooperation with NU. This visa allows a foreigner to stay in Kazakhstan up to 120 days during the 1-year validity period of this multiple entry-visa.

  • Work visa

This visa is usually given to the faculty members who are officially employed by NU. This type of visa is arranged for the period of your employment contract's duration and allows to stay for the period of visa’s duration, make multiple entries to Kazakhstan.

For the family members of NU’s international faculty, one needs to apply for "work visa without work right", or so called spouse/family visa. 

According to Kazakhstan's visa legislation, there is the two-step process for getting Kazakhstan's visa.

Step 1 – Inviting organization, i.e. NU, needs to submit a special invitation letter, copy of the employment contract (relates to getting work visa), receipts of local visa fees to the Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan (MFA). This government authority conducts the scrutiny of the submitted application documents and issues a visa reference number, if the visa application is approved. The given visa reference number will be forwarded by NU to the applicant along with the copy of invitation letter via email. The entire process of obtaining a visa reference number from MFA takes 7 business days for both visa categories (business and work visa). For the nationals of separate countries set by the Government of Kazakhstan , NU will need to receive additional approval of the application from the Immigration police. Therefore, for these applicants the visa process will take 17 business days.  

Step 2 – Applicant after receiving the visa reference number and the invitation letter submits all his/her documentation to Kazakhstan’s Embassy/Consulate abroad where he/she plans to receive a visa. It is the personal responsibility of the applicant to check the list of required documents (application form, photocopy, fee receipt etc.) on the web-site of the Embassy/Consulate. It may take up to 3 business days for Embassy/Consulate to stamp a visa in the applicant’s passport.  

To start the application process described by Step 1, all NU international faculty will be required to provide the NU's Department of International Cooperation with the following:

  • Passport page scan (passport should be valid for more than 6 months after the visa expiry date, contain blank pages for visa and other stamping);
  • Home address information;
  • Previous work position and address information;
  • Purpose and dates of visit;
  • Preliminary flight itinerary;
  • Place (city, country) of visa issuance;
  • Notarized copies of legal documents: e.g. marriage certificate (for spouse visa), certificate of birth (for children). 

Registration with the Immigration Police

Upon arrival to Kazakhstan all foreigners receive the local immigration card at the airport by the customs guards. The card should not be lost and kept in passport. Foreigners are required to register with the Immigration police upon arrival within 5 calendar days.

To make this registration, NU international faculty members will need to submit their passports to NU's Department of International Cooperation as soon as possible  after arrival in Kazakhstan but no later than 5 calendar days from the date of entry to Kazakhstan. The same registration rules apply for every re-entry to Kazakhstan. Currently, the registration can take up to 2 or 3 days.  It is advisable to apply for the registration immediately after arrival to Kazakhstan.

Contact details:

Department of International Cooperation
Mr. Gani Nygymetov – Director, gnygymetov@nu.edu.kz
Mr. Kuat Alkenov – Manager, kalkenov@nu.edu.kz
Mr. Askar Bassibekov – Visa Manager, abassibekov@nu.edu.kz
Phone: + 7 7172 706129

Please note: (extract from email dated 25/07/2011)

NU cannot arrange work visa without work permit (analogue to spouse visa) to 'partners' of UCL seconded staff.

According to Kazakhstan visa legislation, partners are not recognized as legal family couples.

Item 13, 3rd paragraph of MFA rules and regulations on the visa issuance, available at http://portal.mfa.kz/portal/page/portal/mfa/ru/content/consular_info/visa_info) clearly states:

"non-working family members who are dependent upon the ones that are going to Kazakhstan to work will have to state "without the work permit" in their work visa provided upon the written request of a legal entity, registered with the judicial authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including the documents that prove their relationship, as well as the copies of an issued visa from the work categories (ЖЕВ) of the ones traveling to Kazakhstan to work".

Official marriage certificate given by legal government authorities of a foreign country is the only recognized document my MFA upon which the visa is given to spouses. 

Gani Nygymetov, MPA
Director, Department for International Cooperation/
International Affairs and Hiring Office
Nazarbayev University
53 Kabanbay batyr Ave.
010000 Astana, Kazakhstan