Medical Repatriation Procedure

This Policy is only applicable to UCL staff seconded to Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan

1. Introduction

Medical insurance

Access to general medical services for expatriate employees is available through the Republican Diagnostic Services’ National Medical Holding (NMH), and UCL will provide medical insurance for the employee and dependents in Kazakhstan, to cover accidents and emergency treatment, where necessary outside Kazakhstan.

There are the usual exclusions for hazardous activities, emergency medical treatment where a person is travelling against medical advice, trips taken after 26 weeks pregnancy,  trips to regions where the Foreign Office have advised against travel, etc.

Details of the policy are at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/finance/secure/fin_acc/Prtravel.htm

1. Except in the case of an emergency the employee must advise their line manager that their state of health may require treatment outside Kazakhstan. SoE or CPS management will manage the situation in terms of the Sickness Absence Policy.

2. Emergency contacts
AON 24-hour Assistance Helpline: +44 (O) 20 7173 7797
Dr Gabit Kanafin is the NMH 24/7 contact person in Astana: +7 777 249 8263

3. A medical certificate must be obtained from NMH recommending treatment outside Kazakhstan and given to your line manager.

AonProtect Assistance must be informed
AonProtect Assistance must be informed immediately or as soon as reasonably possible of any emergency that may potentially give rise to a claim.

AonProtect Assistance must make arrangements
The Policyholder and/or Insured Person must not make or attempt to make arrangements without the prior involvement and/or agreement of AonProtect Assistance.

AonProtect Assistance decide on method for repatriation
Any repatriation must be organised by AonProtect Assistance who will use the most appropriate method including, if necessary, the use of air services and arrange for qualified medical staff to accompany an Insured Person if required.

4. On receipt of the medical certificate your line manager / Senior UCL Administrator will contact the UCL Finance Division Insurance Section. The contact person is:

June Campbell, Insurance Manager, Finance Division, UCL, Gower Street,
London WC1E 6BT
Tel: 020 3108 3059 (internal: 53059); email: june.campbell@ucl.ac.uk

5. The insurance claim forms must be completed and invoices supplied. The claim forms are available from the Insurance Manager, Finance Division

6. UCL will fund the repatriation costs and recoup these from any payments from the insurance company.

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September 2011