Medical Repatriation Procedure

This Policy is only applicable to UCL staff seconded to Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan

1. Introduction

Medical insurance

Access to general medical services for expatriate employees is available through the International SOS Clinic in Astana, and UCL will provide medical insurance for the employee and dependents in Kazakhstan, to cover accidents and emergency treatment, where necessary outside Kazakhstan. Generally these will be life threatening conditions or conditions which require essential treatment not available through International SOS.


1. Except in the case of an emergency the employee must advise their line manager that their state of health may require treatment outside Kazakhstan. CPS management will manage the situation in terms of the Sickness Absence Policy.

2. Emergency contacts

In Astana, +7 7172 580937 or email: sosastana@internationalsos.com

3. A medical certificate must be obtained from International SOS in Astana recommending treatment outside Kazakhstan and given to your line manager who will copy the CLIE International Academic Services Coordinator, Jane Skirving, (j.skirving@ucl.ac.uk; 0207 679 5465) who will seek approval for the treatment.

4. On receipt of the medical certificate the CLIE International Academic Services Coordinator will contact the Assistant Director (Kazakhstan), Office for International Affairs  and the UCL Finance Division Insurance Section. The contact person is:

June Campbell, Insurance Manager, Finance Division, UCL, Gower Street,
London WC1E 6BT
Tel: 020 3108 3059 (internal: 53059); email: june.campbell@ucl.ac.uk

ISOS will be contacted by the Assistant Director (Kazakhstan), Office for International Affairs and given approval to proceed. The Insurance Manager will be informed of the potential claim at the same time.

International SOS must make arrangements

The Policyholder and/or Insured Person must not make or attempt to make arrangements. Employees cannot make arrangements directly with ISOS for revisions to treatment / upgrade of hospital rooms etc. without obtaining prior UCL approval. ISOS will liaise with theAssistant Director (Kazakhstan), Office for International Affairs to make suitable arrangements. The member of staff will be kept informed and should be aware that arrangements will only be progressed during London working hours except in the case of an emergency.

International SOS decide on the method for repatriation

Any repatriation must be organised by International SOS who will use the most appropriate method including, if necessary, the use of air services and arrange for qualified medical staff to accompany an Insured Person if required.

5. The insurance claim forms must be completed and invoices supplied. The claim forms are available from the Insurance Manager, Finance Division.
6. UCL will fund the repatriation costs and recoup these from any payments from the insurance company.

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June 2014