Passport Registration Medical Certificates

This Policy is only applicable to UCL staff seconded to Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan

The Joint Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs dated 7 March 2012, No. 135 and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs dated 28 April 2012, No. 08-1-1-1/154 effective from 11 August 2012, require that foreigners entering the Republic of Kazakhstan for a stay of more than six months register their passports. The passport must be submitted together with other documents including a certificate reporting their chest X-ray (fluorography) results and a medical certificate confirming the absence of HIV.

In addition, the Minister of Health’s Protection Order No. 664, dated 30 September 2011 lists the diseases which, if present, prohibit entry of foreigners and stateless persons to the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Registration requires a medical certificate confirming that you are free from:

Any mental disorder
Leprosy (Hansen’s disease)
Sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis, donovanosis, chancroid)
Acute infectious diseases, except acute respiratory virus infections and influenza  

Foreigners are prohibited from entering Kazakhstan if they suffer from any of the above diseases. Therefore medical certificates confirming the absence of the above diseases and results of the chest X-ray must be obtained by foreigners prior to their entry to Kazakhstan.

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January 2013