Appendix A Relocation Policy

This Policy is only applicable to those seconded staff employed in the UCL Centre for Preparatory Studies (CPS), Kazakhstan

A) Relocation Expenses


1. To be eligible, candidates must have an offer of employment with UCL for one or more years and be granted a visa to work in Kazakhstan.

2. Applications for relocation expenses from Kazakhstani nationals will not be considered.


3. Should employees in receipt of relocation expenses (including settling-in allowances) voluntarily leave UCL within the term of the contract of employment; a proportion of the reimbursed expenses will be repayable, pro rata to the unexpired period of the contract.

4. Dependent children are considered as children living at home, up to the age of 18, or still in Higher Education up to the age of 21 or who have a disability and for whom the candidate has lasting carer responsibility for (no age restriction).

Settling-in Allowance

5. Expatriate employees recruited from outside Kazakhstan will receive a lump sum settling-in allowance of £1,000 (net of UK income taxes, if applicable), payable in Astana after relocation, to purchase items required for daily living in Astana. This payment is usually made once the individual’s non-UK tax residence has been established by UCL.

Personal Goods Transport Allowance

6. Expatriate employees will be entitled to receive full reimbursement of costs (net of taxes, if applicable) to pay both for the cost of transporting personal belongings to Astana and back to London at the end of employment, up to a maximum of £1,000 each way. Spouses / dependents relocating to Kazakhstan are not eligible for this allowance. This will be paid in single payments at the beginning and the end of the contract.

7. Employees intending to make use of this benefit are advised to obtain quotations from shipping agents for the transport of their goods prior to committing to shipping.

8. The allowance will be paid on approved claims for expenses supported by original  invoices or receipts. Any monies, in excess of the above limit, owed to UCL will be recovered from the employee's pay in the month/s following the payment of the invoices by UCL. The employee will be given prior written warning of the deduction.

9. If an employee fails to complete the contracted term of service an amount of both the Personal Goods Transport Allowance and Settling-in Allowance, pro rata to the unexpired portion of the contract, will be recovered from the employee. The early termination of a contract may result in employee tax liabilities in their home country.

Visa costs

10. All qualifying costs associated with applying for visas will be paid for employees, spouses and dependents who relocate on a permanent basis and for the duration of the employment contract.

Where travel is required to apply for and secure a visa, costs must not be incurred or committed without the PRIOR approval of the Director of the Language Centre or the Office of International Affairs.

11. Visas must normally be renewed in Kazakhstan. The renewal of visas from outside Kazakhstan will only be considered on prior application to the Director of the Language Centre on an exceptional basis.

12 Currently the Republic of Kazakhstan does not recognise unmarried partners as legal family, and may therefore only issue visas for up to 120 days. UCL is not responsible for the issuing of visas.


13. Applications for all expenses under this policy must be endorsed by the Director of the Language Centre prior to being forwarded to the Finance Department – Office of International Affairs.

HR Policy and Planning
May 2012