Murison Papers in the UCL Archives

Prepared by Simon Corcoran


The Archive

Murison's papers are held in the UCL archives, having been deposited at various points in the 1920s and 1930s. The earliest datable material in the archive is 1897, the latest 1932. The list given below is not a technical archival description, but an annotated guide prepared by Simon Corcoran after examining all the material, and intended to elucidate Murison's research and translation activity.

Note: App. III = Items listed in Murison’s Memoirs of 88 Years, Appendix III.I, Legal Works, pp. 228-9. With the archive there is a copy of a description of the material by J.M.J. Chorus, comparing the manuscripts with the list in Murison's Memoirs (dated 21 February 1968).
RHBR I = L. Burgmann et al., Repertorium der Handschriften des byzantinischen Rechts, Teil I: Die Handschriften des weltlichen Rechts (Nr. 1-327) (Forschungen zur byzantinischen Rechtsgeschichte 20; Frankfurt-am-Main, 1995).

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MS ADD 15 (= App. III, I.15)

12 Notebooks of variants and other material in two Brussels manuscripts of Theophilus, Paraphrasis (613 [2705] and 7020/21 [2706]), which Murison requested from Belgium and worked on at the British Museum (Oct. 1913- Apr. 1914).
This included a complete transcription of a lexicon of Roman legal terms in Greek. On this Lexicon, see L. Burgmann, ‘Das Lexicon adet – ein Theophilosglossar’, Fontes Minores VI (Frankfurt, 1984) 19-61 at 27.
For the correct Brussels catalogue numeration, see J. van den Gheyn, Catalogue des manuscrits de la Bibliothèque Royale de Belge IV (Brussels, 1904) 149-150, although the older style is still generally used (RHBR I, nos. 42-43).

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[probably not the same as App. III, I.9; see MS ADD 22]

13 notebooks with details of the manuscript variants and scholia to Theophilus, Paraphrasis in three Paris manuscripts (BN Par. Gr. 1364-1366 = RHBR I, nos. 179-181), all worked on in British Museum (1907-1908, 1909, and 1912-1913).

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MS ADD 17 (= App. III, I.3)

Westrup’s “Introduction to Roman Law Vol. I”: Translated from the Danish with additional notes, 1923.
Original work: C.W. Westrup, Introduktion til romerretsstudiet : studier over udgangspunkter for den romerske rets udvikling I (Copenhagen, 1920). The copy of this in the UCL library is Murison’s copy, containing his pencil annotations, which are reflected in the translation.
H.F. Jolowicz, review of Westrup, Introduction to Early Roman Law : Comparative Sociological Studies, in English Historical Review 63 no. 246 (1948) 104-107 at 104 mentions this translation and its presence in the archive.

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MS ADD 18 (= App. III, I.4)

Ian Evert Hoekstra’s “The Decemvirs and their legislation”. Translated from the Dutch, 1922. Murison’s Preface is dated 1 June 1922.
Original work: J.E. Hoekstra, De Decemviri en hun wetgeving (Leiden, 1908). The copy in the UCL library is Murison’s copy, containing his pencil annotations, which are reflected in the translation.

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MS ADD 19 (= App. III, I.6)

[NB. There was a second now untraceable copy kept by Murison = App. III, I.11]

Bound volume (containing 16 notebooks) with embossed spine stating “Institutes of Justinian: Codex Messanensis”.
This is a complete transcript of the variants between the (then apparently lost) Messina manuscript and Fabrot’s 1st edition (1638) as recorded by Cario and of Cario's Beschreibung of the lost manuscript (Berlin Ms Gr quart 28g). The transcription was made by Murison between June and August 1914. These two items were kept in London during WW1 and, after further revision to the transcript in Dec. 1918/Jan. 1919, were returned to Berlin. Murison presented his transcription to the college to be kept safe in 1921. The Cario manuscripts were lost during WW2. However, the Messanensis was rediscovered in the library at Kiel in 1974, rendering Murison’s transcripts redundant. See J.H.A. Lokin, ‘Theophilus Antecessor, I. The Codex Messanensis, hodie Kilianus; II. Was Theophilus the Author of the Paraphrase?’, Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis 44 (1976) pp. 337-344 at 337-339 [repr. in Analecta Groningana (Groningen, 2010) 89-97]; also RHBR I, no. 89.

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MS ADD 20 (= App. III, I.5)

Maxime Kovalevsky’s “Origins and Evolution of the Family”. Translated from the French with notes, 1922.
This was an old translation, later revised, according to letter dated 12 December, 1925.
Original work: M.M. Kovalevsky, Tableau des origines et de l’évolution de la famille et de la propriété (Stockholm, 1890). There is no copy of this in the UCL library.

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MS ADD 21 (= App. III, I.14)

27 notebooks of critical notes on the text of Theophilus, originally analyzing the edition by Ferrini (made during the autumn of 1904), but later emended to add references taken from other editions and manuscripts.
There is also a notebook and loose pages relating to Viglius and his edition (1534). Murison’s copy of this edition is in the Special Collections of the UCL library.
There are two notebooks (1914) on various scholars’ work on Theophilus: P.B. Degen, Bemerkungen über das Zeitalter und die Institutionen Paraphrase des griechischen Rechtslehrers Theophilus (Lüneburg, 1809); Jacques Britz, Code de l’ancien droit belgique, ou Histoire de la jurisprudence et de la législation; suivie de l’exposé du droit civil des provinces belgiques, etc (Mémoires couronnés et mémoires de savants étrangers, publiés par l’académie royales des sciences des lettres et des beaux arts de belgique 20 (1846) : publ. Brussels, 1847) ; C. Ferrini ‘Intorno all’opportunità di una nuova edizione della Parafrasi di Teofilo e intorno alle fonti di questa, ai sussidi e al metodo’, and ‘La Parafrasi di Teofilo ed i Commentari di Gaio’, both in Reale Istituto Lombardo : Rendiconti 2nd Ser. vol. 16 (1883) 56-66 and 565-575 [republished in Opere di Contardo Ferrini I (Milan, 1929) 1-14 and 15-25].
There is one notebook of notes for the Titulorum Index for the Paraphrasis.

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MS ADD 22 (includes App. III, I.9, 12 and 13)

1st folder: Loose sheets of an English translation of Theophilus’ version of Imperatoriam Maiestatem and Book 1 only: undated, but clearly a fair version of MS ADD 25 with footnotes, intended for publication.
2nd folder: App. III, I.9 = Scholia Theophilina fasc I: the Paris mss. This is a consolidated version of the Paris scholia (from BN Par. Gr. 1364 & 1366 = RHBR I, nos. 179 & 181), ready for publication. Undated.
3rd folder: several items including:
App. III, I.13: Book of Critical Notes (1914) on Haynck van Papendracht’s Genealogia Ayttanee. Original work: C.P. Hoynck van Papendrecht, Vita Viglii ab Aytta Zuichemi ab ipso Viglio scripta, ejusque : nec non Joachimi Hopperi et Joannis Baptistæ Tassii opera historica aliaque analecta ad historiam scissi Belgii potissimum attinentia (The Hague, 1743).
App. III, I.12: Critical notes on the text of Theophilus, comparing Ferrini against Viglius (undated).
There is also further varied material.

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MS ADD 23 (= App. III, I.7)

The History of Rome during the First Five Centuries, by Prof. Pais. Trans. from the Italian with notes in 13 notebooks. The original volumes presented by Pais are currently untraceable in the UCL library collection.
Original work: E.Pais, Storia critica di Roma durante i primi cinque secoli 5vols., 3rd edition, (Rome, 1926-1928).
There is also correspondence with Pais, including the latter’s responses to observations and corrections suggested by Murison (March and April 1932).

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[There is no mention of work on the Justinian Code anywhere in the Memoirs of 88 Years]

Beginnings of a Justinian Code translation project, which however only reached CJ I.3.41.10 in fair copy (about 4% of the whole); a rough draft also exists for I.1.8 to I.5.15 in draft. In all this represents some 7% of the Code. Undated.
Other fragments of Code translation exist under MS ADD 25.

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MS ADD 25 (= App. III, I.10)

Contains a complete English translation of Theophilus, Paraphrasis Institutionum in 6 volumes (numbered I, II, III, IIIb, IV, V), started at the latest in June 1897 and continuing until completed in November 1901. The base text was Reitz’s edition (1751). Note that most of Book III was translated last, after Book IV, and thus the need to insert a final volume IIIb.
There is also some translation in vol. IV from the Justinian Code (Book IV.1 and some parts of Books VI and VII).
There area also loose sheets with drafts Greek composition, including the Queen and Vaux from Shakespeare, King Henry VI Part 2, Act 3 Scene 2. This sheet is marked “JWM”, so these may be exercises by his son, James William Murison. There is no indication of date, but would have to be rather early (c.1890).
There is also a volume called “Vol. II: Praeparatio Theophilina, Studies on Theophilus I. The Three Paris MSS”. This contains only 4 pages of variant readings, covering parts of Theophilus Book I.

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MS ADD 26 (= App. III, I.8)

The Development of the Civil Law of the Romans as constituted in the Fundamental Statute. V. Puntschart. Translated from the German. 3 notebooks, plus inserts. Undated [but 1931 according to App. III].
Original work: V. Puntschart, Die Entwicklung des Grundgesetzlichen Civilrechts der Römer : Auf Grund von Forschungen dargestellt für Juristen, Philologen und Historiker (Erlangen, 1872). This work, in two fascicles, is present with the translation in the archive.

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