The Projet Volterra in France 


Leges Publicae Populi Romani mark II

The Projet Volterra represents the British contribution to the overall aims of the Volterra bequest. There is in addition a major French project, which has also arisen from the impetus of the original Volterra idea, although not bearing his name. This aims to provide a complete repertoire of the Roman leges (the formal laws passed by the Roman assemblies) from the dawn of the Republic in the late sixth century BC down to the last attested examples in the reign of the emperor Nerva (AD96-98). It is intended that the resultant two-volume publication will supersede the existing standard work on the subject, Giovanni Rotondi's Leges Publicae Populi Romani (Milan, 1912). The research is being carried out by an international team of scholars, led by J.-L. Ferrary and Ph. Moreau, working under the aegis of the Centre Gustave Glotz in Paris, being Axe 6 programme 1 in that institution's series of projects.


Repertoire of the legislation of the Severans

A second French project also intends to publish a repertoire, this being of the pronouncements and legislative activity of the emperors of the Severan dynasty. This will appear in several volumes, starting with one for the reign of Septimius Severus (193-211). The project is headed by Jean-Pierre Coriat, Director of the Institut de droit romain at l'Université Paris II.


Codex Theodosianus in French

There is a third French project, which, although not directly connected to Volterra, is of great relevance. This is a Theodosian Code translation project, which started in 2000 as part of the THAT (Texts pour l’Histoire de l’Antiquité) plan under the aegis of CNRS. It is directed by Pierre Jaillette and Sylvie Crogiez-Pétrequin, both of HALMA-IPEL at Université Lille-3, and aims to produce a separate volume, containing Mommsen's Latin text, with French translation and notes, for each book of the Code. The first volume (Book V) was published by Brepols in November 2009:
S. Crogiez-Pétrequin, P. Jaillette, J.-M. Poinsotte (eds.) Codex Theodosianus - Le Code Théodosien, V: Texte latin d'après l'édition de Mommsen. Traduction, introduction et notes (Turnhout, 2009)
[reviewed by Simon Corcoran in Roman Legal Tradition 5]

In addition, there has been a series of preparatory “Journées d’Étude”: Paris-Nanterre (May 2003), Lille (Dec. 2005), Neuchâtel (Feb. 2007) and Clermont Ferrand (Dec. 2008). Various members of the Volterra team attended the second, third and fourth of these. Volumes of papers from the Journées are being published as follows:
I: S. Crogiez-Pétrequin, P. Jaillette, and O. Huck (eds.), Le Code Théodosien : diversité des approches et nouvelles perspectives (Collection de l'École française de Rome 412; Rome 2009)

II : S. Crogiez-Pétrequin and P. Jaillette, Société, économie et administration dans le Code Théodosien (Lille, forthcoming)
III: J.-J. Aubert and Ph. Blanchard (eds.), Droit, religion et société dans le Code Théodosien: Troisièmes Journées d’Etude sur le Code Théodosien, Neuchâtel, 15-17 février 2007 (Université de Neuchâtel, Recueil de travaux publiés par la Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines 55; Geneva 2009)
IV: A. Laquerrière-Lacroix (ed.), “Aux sources juridiques de l’histoire de l’Europe: le Code Théodosien” (in preparation)


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