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Intercollegiate Modules at UCL

  • All modules available to intercollegiate students are also listed on the IHR website. Students from Goldsmiths, King's College, Queen Mary or Royal Holloway should apply via their home department, following their procedures.

The following UCL History modules will be running as Intercollegiate Modules in 2014-15:

Group 2

HIST2108: Understanding the Early Mesopotamian World

HIST2203: The First European Union? Christendom 1100-1350

HIST2302: The Industrial Revolution in Britain

HIST2417: Credit, Money and Crises in the Global Economy, 1700-1970

Group 3

HIST3107/9107: Ancient Warfare: Assyrian and Greek Perspectives

HIST3205/9205: Passages to Jerusalem: The Crusades and the Medieval World, 1095-1291

HIST3206/9206: Popes, Caliphs and Sacred Law, 385-850

HIST3301/9301: Great Britain and American Colonies 1760-1776

HIST3318/9318: Antipodean Encounters: Aborigines, Convicts and Settlers in New South Wales, c.1770-1850

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