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Undergraduate Intercollegiate Students

Modules available to UG Intercollegiate Students at UCL

Teaching begins at UCL in the week beginning 29 September 2014. Please use the 'Custom Timetable' function of the Online Timetable to find out the locations of lectures and classes.

All intercollegiate students are required to do the following to register formally at UCL:

1. Intercollegiate students must contact the History Department at UCL in the first instance to provisionally confirm a space on any UCL History modules.

2. Once you have been provisionally allocated a space, complete the intercollegiate registration form and return it to the History Department Academic Office as soon as possible.

3. Your registration form will be passed onto UCL Examinations, once they have registered you on the UCL system, they will contact you directly to advise as to when you can obtain a UCL student ID card from Access Systems in the Andrew Huxley Building (located directly behind the History Department). This card will give you access to the UCL Library.

4. Undergraduate intercollegiate students must obtain a UCL computer username and password from the Information Systems Service Desk in the Science Library. You will need this in order to log in to Moodle, the virtual learning environment used at UCL and PORTICO, the university's student portal. This is compulsory, as all assessed work must be submitted via Moodle.

5. Please ensure that you are aware of the submission procedures and coursework deadlines, as these will differ from your home institution's.

If you have any queries, or encounter any problems with the above, please do not hesitate to contact the Undergraduate Team.

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