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...I need special arrangements for my exams?

If you have a disability or specific learning difficulty, UCL recognises that the usual format of exams may not be suitable. A Sub-Committee of the College Board of Examiners considers all requests for special examination arrangements on grounds of disability, including dyslexia, to ensure a consistent and fair approach.

Students are advised to contact the Disability Centre as early as possible in the academic year to discuss examination arrangements. Applications for special arrangements should be submitted as early as possible and not later than six weeks before the start of your examinations.

Students with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties will need a recent assessment by a qualified psychologist. Such an assessment can be provided by the UCL Dyslexia Centre. Even if you have a recent assessment carried out by outside body, you must contact the Dyslexia Co-ordinator who will assess your needs and pass the necessary information to the Examinations Section.

Applications for special arrangements on all other grounds must be accompanied by evidence of disability or medical condition provided by a competent authority. Such authority would usually be your consultant or GP. Application forms can be obtained from the Disability Centre or the Examinations Section.

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