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...I am dyslexic?

If you are dyslexic and have been assessed since you were sixteen, you should send a copy of your report to the Disability Centre. You will also need to make an appointment for a short assessment at the Dyslexia Centre to establish your support needs; including special examination arrangements. Please note that all first year students with dyslexia, however recently assessed, need to make an appointment to see one of the Dyslexia Centre Assessors.

If you have been assessed as dyslexic before the age of sixteen, you will need a "top-up" assessment if you wish to apply for the Disabled Students' Allowance.  Contact the Dyslexia Centre for an appointment.

If you have never been assessed as dyslexic but you, or your teachers, think you show signs of dyslexia, you should contact the Disability Centre for screening. In some cases it is clear from the information elicted during screening that an assessment is not necessary. When a full assessment is deemed appropriate, an appointment will be made for you with one of the Centre Assessors. You will receive a detailed, confidential report and copies of a short summary of your assessment results to give to relevant tutors so that appropriate support can be put in place.

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