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Hard Copy Submission

Two hard copies of each piece of coursework should be placed directly in staff pigeon holes in the departmental Reception within 24 hours of the Turn-it-in submission deadline. These must be accompanied by a completed departmental cover sheet, available in the information corridor outside Room G06.

The cover sheet also requires your signature. When you sign the cover sheet, you are confirming the following:

1. That you have read and understood the UCL History Department regulations concerning the submission of assessed work.

2. That the coursework is your own work and that any references made to other authors are properly acknowledged.

Essays, while based upon what you have read, heard and discussed, must be entirely your own work. It is very important that you avoid plagiarism, i.e. the presentation of another person’s thoughts or words as though they were your own. Plagiarism is a form of cheating, and is regarded by the College as a serious offence, which can lead to a student failing a course or courses, or even expulsion from College.

Any quotation from the published or unpublished works of other persons must be clearly identified as such by being placed inside quotation marks and students should identify their sources as accurately and fully as possible.

You should also avoid self-plagiarism. This means that you must not submit the same piece of work (with or without merely stylistic variation) in order to gain credit more than once. The same criteria apply to self-plagiarism as to other forms of plagiarism, and it is liable to incur the same penalty.

Please see the History Department Study Skills booklet for further guidance on avoiding plagiarism and referencing. If you have any doubt about what constitutes plagiarism, please ask one of your teachers or the Departmental Tutor for advice.

Recourse to the services of ‘ghost-writing’ agencies or of outside word-processing agencies which offer correction/improvement of English is strictly forbidden and students who make use of the services of such agencies render themselves liable for an academic penalty.

You should note that the Department uses Turnitin to scan assessed coursework for evidence of plagiarism. This system gives access to billions of sources worldwide, including websites and journals, as well as work previously submitted to the Department, UCL and other universities.

3. That the word count stated on the cover sheet is accurate.

You must state the precise word count of your essay, including all the text in your footnotes/endnotes, even if they are just references. You are not required to include the bibliography, the title of the essay or any headers/footers in the word count. To perform an accurate word count, you should highlight the text of the essay from the first word of the introduction to the last word of the conclusion and ensure that ‘Include footnotes/endnotes’ is ticked in the word count dialogue box.

No student will be permitted to submit any essay which exceeds the word limit stated in course documentation by more than 10%. Any such essay will not be accepted for submission but immediately returned to the student to be shortened. If the process of shortening the coursework results in submission after the relevant departmental deadline, the normal penalties for late submission will apply – see below. Any essay found after submission to have an inaccurate word count stated on the cover sheet and to have exceeded the permitted length will be liable for the penalties for overlength work described below under ‘Penalties’.

4. That the main text and footnotes/endnotes of the hard copy of the coursework are identical to those submitted electronically to Turnitin via Moodle.

Electronic submission of all assessed coursework to Turnitin via Moodle prior to the submission of the hard copies is compulsory.

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