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Electronic Submission

Electronic submission of all assessed coursework via Moodle is compulsory so you must enrol on Moodle for all History courses you are taking this year, even if the course tutor is not using Moodle as a teaching aid. If you are asked for an enrolment key, this will normally be ‘pizza’ (if not, please contact course teacher). Please note that the enrolment key is case-sensitive.

Electronic submission of work via Moodle is done by uploading a file. The process works in a similar way to sending an attachment by email.

1. You should upload your entire submission, including bibliography and footnotes onto Turnitin.

2. Log in to Moodle and open the page of the course for which you are going to submit a piece of coursework.

3. On the left-hand side, there will be a box entitled 'Activities'. Click on the 'Turnitin Assignments' link in this box.

4. A table will appear, listing all of the pieces of assessed coursework required for the module.

5. In the 'Name' column, click on the title of the piece of coursework you want to submit.

6. A description of the assignment will appear. Along the top of the screen, there will be two tabs: ‘Summary’ and ‘My Submissions’. Click on ‘My Submissions’.

7. Enter a brief version of the title of your essay in the ‘Submission Title’ box.

8. Click the ‘Browse’ button alongside the ‘File to Submit’ box and select your file from the relevant location on the computer. When you click 'Open', the file name will appear in the empty box.

9. Read the ‘Declaration of Ownership’ and tick the box to confirm you have read and understood it.

10. Click the ‘Add Submission’ button at the bottom of the page. You will briefly see a ‘Synchronising Data’ message.

11. When this message disappears, you should be returned to the ‘My Submissions’ page. If the screen goes blank, refresh the page by clicking on the ‘Summary’ tab and then again on the ‘My Submissions’ tab.

12. On the ‘My Submissions’ page, in the ‘Submission’ column, it should say ‘Status: Submission successfully uploaded to Turnitin’. Turn-it-in submission will be considered the definitive ‘date stamp’ for coursework submission. Your work must be submitted on Turn-it-in by 12.00 noon BST on the day it is due. Turn-it-in will not let you submit after this deadline so do not leave submission to the last minute. Please liaise with the Undergraduate Administrator if you have been granted an extension.

13. You will also receive an email confirmation to your UCL account. You might want to keep this for future reference.

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